Recycling Cardboard

Got leftover moving boxes and packaging? Is it too much for you to handle and you just want it removed? Stand Up Guys Junk Removal is your solution!

Leftover moving boxes

Leftover moving boxes

We recycle up to 100% of the items we collect (depending on the project). Cardboard is a big item that a lot of people get rid of on a daily basis. Day by day more and more people are throwing their cardboard away in the trash, not realizing that it can be recycled.

Paperboard is the most common cardboard that gets recycled. Also known as Chipboard, it’s primarily found on cereal boxes and other food. This is not the problem. The problem comes when people have large amounts of corrugated cardboard, it usually is coming from moves or packaging of some kind.

The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew will come to your house, break down all the boxes and do all the labor for you getting it into the truck. You do not have to lift a finger, just say what you want removed and they do the rest.

Even though up to 78% of cardboard is recycled,  sometimes you cannot recycle the paperboard. Most of the time pizza boxes and other packages that have food residue in them cannot be recycled. Also, if some is left out in the rain, wet cardboard is not recycled either.

Some people find other ways to reuse their cardboard. Some make lining in their flower bed and some let their children use it for class projects and such. No matter how you want to recycle your cardboard, there is always a better way than just throwing it away. Just think every time you recycle cardboard, it is just that much less space taking up in the landfills!


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