WD-40 has always been shrouded in an air of mystery. Its ingredients are not disclosed, although the manufacturers do point out what it does not contain. Originally, it was intended as a commercial rust eliminator. However, these days, it is normally just left gathering dust on a shelf, until a door hinge needs oiling.

WD-40 is not only designed for oiling door hinges. It actually has many uses around your home. The manufacturer boasts that it has thousands of uses, and there are certainly a few clever tricks that you can implement to deal with scuffed, stuck on and spotty messes. Most people agree that WD-40 is a worthy inclusion in their cleaning arsenal, because there are many things that can be cleaned with it.

On stainless steel, a bit of WD-40 prevents and removes fingerprints. On a sink made from stainless steel, a light coating of WD-40 facilitates the formation of water beads, which roll off easily and prevent spotting. Stickers and residue from stickers can be removed effectively with WD-40. Just allow the solvent to soak for several minutes, before peeling the sticker off. Shoe scuffs can be wiped away easily as well, using this solvent. Make sure that you remove and clean all the excess though, to avoid any slippages. In addition, WD-40 is great at getting crayon markings off walls.

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