First off I want to apologize to anyone that has really put any stock in the Chicago Bears being any better with Jay Cutler at the helm in the 2010 season, because there is no way that Cutler makes any team better. Good, winning QB’s don’t throw 20 pics a season. Its now looking like the Denver Broncos made one of the smartest moves of the decade by trading away what everyone thought was a great QB in Cutler for, what everyone thought was just a game managing QB in Orton. In reality the Broncos got rid of a turn over machine in Cutler, and picked up what’s turning out to be a wonderful QB. Just watch because the proof is in the puddin, Kyle Orton can chuck the ball all over the yard and rarely turns it over, while on the other hand Jay Cutler can barely tie his own shoes on the sideline.

Everyone, including myself thought when Jay was coming out of Vanderbilt that he was really going to be a special player. For the first few years of his career it seemed that there was a high ceiling on him as well, and that all he needed to do was cut back on the INT’s and he would be just fine. Well five years in and nothing has changed, if anything he’s just gotten worse. He throws more pics now and less TD’s. A lot of times in sports having a cocky attitude can be a wonderful attribute for a player, it can mean they’re confident in there ability and they don’t second guess themselves. Well in Jay Cutlers case it’s a horrible attribute, he believes that he is way better than he really is, he thinks he can squeeze the ball in impossible spots when in reality he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. Having a HUGE arm doesn’t mean squat when your horribly inaccurate. The guy also just makes awful decisions on the field, when he gets in trouble he just throws the ball up for anyone to grab, or he throws the ball into triple coverage when there’s two open men on the other side of the field. Jay Cutler is flat out the WORST QB IN FOOTBALL, no other QB makes as many mental and physical mistakes as him, and no other QB cost’s his team the game more than Cutler. Y0u well never utter or hear the words, “oh if it wasnt for Cutler we would have won” because it well never ring true. Just look at his stats they speak for themselves

The saddest thing about the whole situation is that the Chicago Bears are just loaded up with talent, both on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. If they just had a decent QB to manage the game and not make many mistakes (Kyle Orton) then they would really be able to make a serious push in the NFC. Well unless they have the onions to sit Jay, there season will just slowly slip away. Even though there record is good now, the defense cant hold the team up forever, they’re just not that good.

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  • Sean  December 8, 2010 at 1:05 am

    You’re kidding right? The cleanup guys from Atlanta are passing judgement on Jay Cutler? Ok…your opinions hold snuff…really as a Bears fan I can argue with too many of your points.

    However, I do feel that Jay still has that huge potential, he’s just never gotten the proper instruction in the NFL and thus has added a lot (A LOT) of bad habits, but even one year with Martz has started to correct that. Sure, he still throws off his back foot and makes some bad reads, but the defense and special teams are there to help and on an ever increasing basis, the offense is stepping up to do their part. The run game is developing nicely, Cutler is doing a better job on the field every game.

    The biggest problem for this team, that I’ve seen, has been that they play up and down to their competition (note the defense sleeping the first half against the Lions, and the whole team laying into the Eagles). They’ve got the ability (Cutler included) to make something of this year (no such illusions of grandur to imagine a SuperBowl win, but I do look forward to seeing a deep playoff run) and I look forward to being back here when we do make something of this year to bid you a tip of the hat (as I do imagine we will get knocked out of the conference finals to the Falcons – who have looked scary good this year, esp. at home).

    Ps. The Cutler-Orton trade was mutully beneficial (or would have been without the addition of 2 1rst rounders). Or ton works better in the system that they have running in Denver than I think Cutler ever would, while I think Cutler has been able to do more with less in Chicago (this year) than Orton would have. Undoubtedly they both have their strengths, but the trade allowed both to grow in ways they probably wouldn’t have been able to without it. Denver made out like bandits (blaming our GM Angelo more than anything for that), but not because of the QB exchange alone.

    • Casey  December 8, 2010 at 9:13 am

      It’s easy to say all that now, after Cutlers had a few good games in a row for the first time in three years, (just look when the article was written). Don’t get me wrong I’m a bears fan as well, I want Cutler to live up to his potential, but I dont see him maintaining this. Talk to me after he throws them out of a playoff game this year.

      PS. If our credibility isn’t good enough for you then don’t read the articles. Have a wonderful day.

  • Chris  December 23, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    Cutler has indeed looked better as of late. However, he really hasn’t show much improvement. Sometimes the ball bounces your way and I think Cutler has actually been the recipient of some good breaks this season.

    The problem with Cutler is — that if we get down 10+ points in the second half of a game, we cannot rely on him to bring us back (in my opinion). Our offense is as anemic as last year which is a shame because the D and ST often give us great field position.

    No, Cutler has not proven himself a leader and a winner yet. I do believe when we got him here in Chicago we were expecting more than a QB who will not lose the game for you; which is right now where I think we are… I for one, while watching the games, just hold my breath and am happy with Cutler’s performance as long as he doesn’t LOSE the game for us.

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