Stand Up Guys Are At It Again!

Today the Stand Up Guys were out in the Kennesaw area, it’s not uncommon to see us out this way. We have a ton of wonderful customers and clients in the Kennesaw Area. Today we were doing a “junk clean out” for one of our new Kennesaw customers, her name was Amanda.

living room full of junk in Kennesaw

Junk Junk Junk

Amanda was moving out of her home, and hitching her wagon up north to New Jersey, where her family lives. She was here for the last four years, attending school at Kennesaw State University. Well, as you can imagine, one can accumulate a whole heap of junk in four years, and Amanda sure did.

She called us after the movers, that she hired, got done packing and moving everything she was taking back to New Jersey with her. She had more “junk,” than stuff that she was keeping. That might sound kind of crazy, but we see that on a daily basis. Junk can just accumulate around any of us, and eventually sneak up on us when moving time comes.

Well she had the junk somewhat scattered through out the house, from room to room. Every room in the house had a little something there, so we had our hands full.

First things first, the Stand Up Guys Crew went from room to room, and began to pile everything up in the hallways. This way when it was time to get it all in the truck, we could take it all from one pile, instead of 40. As we were piling everything up in the hallway, we were also making a separate pile with things that we believed could be donated. Even though Amanda looked at some of this stuff as “junk” doesn’t mean that someone else out there couldn’t find use for it.

House cleaned of all it's junk in Kennesaw


Once we had all the junk thrown into the hallway, and all the donation items separated, we got to work getting it all to the truck. She only had one flight of stairs in the house, so getting it to the truck wasn’t bad at all. Pretty much a breeze if you ask me.

Well, once we finished, we did what we always do, and left the job with yet another satisfied customer. She was so excited about our work, and how great we did, that she went out of her way to tell some of her friends here in Kennesaw about us. Now even though Amanda is moving far away from us, we wanted to make sure she was happy, and that she would be a customer for life, at heart at least. Customer service is the most important aspect of our business, and no matter if a customer is moving away, or just getting rid of some small junk, we want to make sure they are EXTREMELY SATISFIED.

We were also able to donate everything that we had separated from her junk. So all in all, today was a great day tater.

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