The Junk Adventure Begins

junk furniture pick up

Adventure In The City

Today Wendy, a new customer from Virginia Highlands called into the office with a couple of questions she needed answered. Little did Wendy know that the first call she was making was going to wind up being the only one she was going to have to make (Stand Up Guys are the true one stop shop for junk removal).

Wendy was not only looking for a junk removal company to help her haul away her old furniture. Which was an old couch, automan, a dresser, and a few lamps that were still in great shape. But she was also looking for someone to help possibly donate some of it, and at the same time bring in her new couch and dresser.

Wendy figured that she would just give a junk company a call first, and then deal with calling some donation centers and a delivery company later. Well Wendy made the right call and luckily hit it all on the head the first time, because the Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew takes care of everything she needs.

It’s much easier for customers to use us for all these services rather than calling 2 or 3 different companies to come to their home or place of business. It’s never any fun for someone to have to coordinate all those different companies at different times.

Stand Up Guys like to make our customers lives easier and as little more “stress free” whenever possible. So right off the bat we told Wendy that we could take care of all three phases of her little project. We would haul, donate, and deliver her furniture.

Wendy’s Junk & Time Issue

Race against time to get furniture donated

Race Against Time

One of Wendy’s biggest issues was the fact that she was strapped for time. Her weekends were jammed packed with her three teenage boys and all their extracurricular activities, baseball, football, band etc… So taking off a Saturday to handle this stuff was out of the question for her.

On top of that Wendy was a single parent and she also worked 5 day’s a week. So the only way that Wendy could get all this done was if it was done fast, and it was done around her lunch break during the work week. Her lunch breaks are literally the only time she has available during the week. When she gets home from her 9 to 5 there isn’t any time because of the kids.

Well Wendy made the right call, because there is nobody you would rather count on to get you out of a jam like this than the Stand Up Guys.

We told Wendy that we had no problem working around her schedule, and we definitely didn’t have a problem racing against the clock. I mean after all, this is what we do.

Wendy’s Junk Furniture Solution

how do i get rid of my old junk couch?


Wendy’s solution was perfect, leave everything to the one and only Stand Up Guys. She knew now that all she was going to have to do was sit back and watch as we made magic happen.

We showed up at Wendy’s Virginia Highland home about 20 mins before our scheduled time. We wanted to make sure that we could prep and stretch our muscles before she got there, (we don’t wanna pull a hammy or anything, because we do move uber fast). This way when Wendy arrived home from work on her lunch break there would be no messing around, we were going to get straight to work.

Straight to work is exactly what we did too. When Wendy pulled into her driveway at 11:15am, we were standing there waiting and ready to go. She hopped out of the car and quickly walked us to the pile of junk furniture and mattresses that were in the garage.

We already had our gloves on, boots strapped, truck ready, and our working caps on so we didn’t waste a moment. Right after she told us everything that was junk and all the stuff she wanted hauled away we got straight to work. We lugged all the junk from her garage, and neatly placed it on the curbside, (for now at least).

Wendy’s Furniture To Be Donated

Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Donating in Atlanta


Next Wendy took us inside her wonderful Virginia Highland home to show us all the furniture that was in her living room that she wanted to donate. We quickly wrapped up the furniture in some protective cloth and hauled it off to our truck.

We neatly placed all the furniture that she wanted to donate in the back of the truck. We made sure to stack it all in there nice and safe. This way there wouldn’t be any unnecessary dings or nicks in it when we took it over to Goodwill. In other words, we stacked it the “Stand Up Way.”

Then we hoped up in the truck and followed Wendy to the nearest Goodwill. They had all ready told her that they would accept everything that she had, so we knew going in we weren’t going to have any hold ups in the donation department.

We pulled up and dropped off all the old furniture to be donated. We were in and out of there within 8 minutes tops. To put it mildly, we were making magnificent time.

The New Furniture Delivery

Stand Up Guys Junk Removal in North Druid Hills

Ross To The Rescue

After we had our awesome quick donation drop off, we then followed Wendy to the consignment store where she purchased her new furniture.

The store already had the new furniture wrapped and ready to go. The furniture was even sitting outside the loading dock when we pulled up. We had all of our angles covered. We weren’t going to let anything snag us, or slow us down on this amazing adventure through Virginia Highlands.

We pulled up and loaded the new, nicely wrapped furniture into the truck within minutes. We were loading while Wendy was inside signing the rest of the papers she needed to take the furniture. By the time she came out of the front of the store, we were in the truck, strapped in, and ready to go.

We hopped right back on the road and followed Wendy all the way back to her home.

We backed in nicely into her driveway, real close to the front door. This way we could have easy access to getting the furniture into the living room.

We already prepped the entire living room before we left, so all we had to do was haul the new furniture in and that was a rap, and that’s exactly what we did.

The True Studs Of Junk

junk furniture removal in Virginia Highlands

The “Junk”

After all that was complete, we just pulled out truck right back up to the curbside where we had placed all the junk before and loaded it into the truck.

Wendy had to leave to go back to work right after we delivered the new furniture. We had everything sitting outside so that she could lock her house up and not have to worry about anything while she was at work.

Today the Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew covered all of our tracks and made sure there wasn’t going to be anything in our way. That is the main reason why we were able to pull off this amazing chain of events without a single snag.

Wendy was extremely happy with the service, but more than anything she was impressed. When we originally told her that we could do this all on her 1 hour lunch break, she thought we were crazy. She was sure that she was going to have to deal with this on two, if not three different lunch breaks.

We made sure that wasn’t the case though. We knew if we drug this out more than one day, then Wendy was going to have to spend a night or two without furniture in her home, and that is unnacceptable to a Stand Up Guy.

Either way, the Stand Up Guys saved the day once again. Your welcome Wendy, we were glad we could help.

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