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Dunwoody is just one of those places that is wonderful to be a part of. We even get excited every time we get a chance to work for a resident of Dunwoody. Their are tons of cool places, beautiful sights, stores, and all around great people. That pretty much sums up Dunwoody as a whole.  Their motto, “Smart people – Smart city” says it all.

Dunwoody has everything, from the Dunwoody College of Technology, to The Dunwoody Village, which is a pretty famous retirement center, well as famous as a retirement center can be. As an overview, Dunwoody is a wonderful city, with great colleges, and high schools, great people, and an all around great atmosphere.

The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal crew have been working in the Dunwoody, and Metro Atlanta area for quite some time now, and like I said before we love the opportunity to work, and sight see in Dunwoody. The Stand Up Guys take any and all types of junk and or debris, and we do it all for a wonderful price. Along with taking away your junk, we also give our customers piece of mind, knowing that once your junk leaves with us, it will find a good home. We make sure to either donate or recycle anything possible that we pick up. This way we can give back to the community that has been so good to us over the years.

Along with taking away junk and clutter, The Stand Up Guys also offer full clean outs with our junk removal service. This includes clean outs of attics, garages, and even full homes that have been foreclosed on. So if you live in the Dunwoody area, and you are in need of junk removal, or clean out needs, just give the wonderful gentlemen over at Stand Up Guys a call, we’ll take care of everything for you.

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