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Marietta is a beautiful city, with cool landmarks like the Big Chicken, and the Gone With The Wind Museum. Marietta has beautiful golf courses, thousands of gorgeous homes, with many nice schools and families. Marietta really has it all, but the real “claim to fame” for Marietta, is that Stand Up Guys Junk Removal was founded right here, in the heart of the Marietta community.

We have been rolling through the Marietta Square, waving, smiling, helping old women cross streets and hauling junk, since we first started way back in 2005 in our old, beat up Chevy. The Stand Up Guys founder, Casey Walsh, was born and raised in Marietta, and he has never forgotten his roots. Stand Up Guys started here, and trust us, we don’t plan on going anywhere. Marietta continues to be our busiest city, and the city we give back to the most, by donating and recycling large portions of the junk we take.

There are many reasons the Stand Up Guys have become so beloved in the Marietta community, but one of the biggest reasons is simple, our customer service. At Stand Up Guys Junk Removal the customer always comes first, and that is not an understatement, we really believe it, and live by it. No matter what the customer needs, or desires, we do all we can to make sure that their experience with us is perfect. There are many different junk removal companies all throughout the greater Metro Atlanta area that our customers could choose from, but they choose us for the experience, (and because we are just that awesome). Experience is everything, and we do all we can for our Marietta customers to not only turn them into to customers for life, but fans for life.

Now we haven’t let all this fame in Marietta get to our heads her at Stand Up Guys. We have remained humble through the years, and stuck to our roots. That is why we still offer amazing prices for our junk removal service. That is also the reason why we still will take any and all types of junk, like household junk, yard debris, and even furniture and appliances. We do it all for our Marietta customers, because without them, we would have never made it to the stardom we have now.

We serve all of the Marietta area, and all it’s surrounding cities, and communities, like East Cobb, and Austell. We have our central location at 2265 Roswell Rd, Marietta, GA 30062.

Thank you Marietta, we love you!

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