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Junk Computer

Home Computers evolve and grow out-dated seemingly faster than anything else. So when it’s time to upgrade to that new computer, just what do you do with the old one? That’s easy! You call Stand Up Guys Junk Removal and we will handle all of your home computer removal needs.
Stand Up Guys Junk Removal manages your home computer removal in a responsible and environmentally safe manner. That way you can be assured, and have peace of mind, knowing your computer or other junk will be removed correctly. We make sure to recycle all the necessary parts of your home computer, as well as donate them if they are still useable; that way, your computer can still be in use to somebody.

iPhone Removal

Home Computer removal and disposal in metro atlanta


Are you sick of that big cumbersome, high-tech phone taking up all that room in your pockets? Well… why not get rid of it then! Who wants an iPhone anyways? Yes, it seems to do everything and more, but it’s not worth the pocket space! If you feel this way, it might just be time to get rid of it and go back to your trusty flip phone. Since we feel your pain with having to deal with that annoying smart phone, we will actually take care of your iPhone Removal for FREE!! Yes, I said it, for a limited time only, we will take that working iPhone, or any smart phone for FREE. It is time to free yourself of all that technology and convenience. Just call the Stand Up Guys.

Here Are A Few Other Electronics We Take:

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