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hot tub removal and disposal

Remember when you thought getting a hot tub was the best idea ever? You imagined relaxing evenings and fun gatherings. But here you are, years later, with a hot tub that’s just collecting dust. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many homeowners face the same issue. That once-awesome hot tub has become a giant piece of junk. So, what’s your plan for getting rid of it? Let The Stand Up Guys tackle the problem of your unused, deteriorating hot tub.

Getting rid of old junk hot tubs can be a very strenuous process. That’s if you don’t call The Stand Up Guys! The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew is the number one option for getting rid of your old hot tub or Jacuzzi. We take away all the stress and anxiety from the entire ordeal and make everything as easy as pie for our customers.

The Stand Up Guys handle every step of the hot tub disposal process for you. We take care of all the heavy lifting, loading, dismantling, and hauling. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch as your old, junky hot tub rolls out of your life for good. And don’t worry about where it ends up. We dispose of all hot tubs in an environmentally friendly way.

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Hot Tub Removal – How It Works

Getting rid of your old junk hot tub is a breeze with The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew — a much better option than repurposing it. I mean it, it’s as easy as pie. First, just pick up the phone and give us a call at 844-784-5865 (SUG-JUNK) and let us know your situation and when you’d like to schedule an appointment. You can also book hot tub removal services directly on our website. Whatever is easiest for you.

When you schedule a time, two clean-cut Stand Up Guys pros will swing by your place to give you a free, no-obligation estimate for removing your hot tub. These guys come fully prepared and ready to get to work. If you’re happy with the price, they can start the job right away and take care of everything on the spot. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

The Stand Up Guys offer hot tub removal all over! We remove hot tubs from all our branches, including Atlanta, GA | Marietta, GA | Tampa, FL | Sarasota, FL | St. Petersburg, FL | Raleigh, NC Orlando, FL | South Florida | Nashville, TN | Dallas, TX | Austin, TX | | Indianapolis, IN and more! Just give us a call and let us remove that old hot tub today!

What Should I Do Before the Hot Tub Removal Team Arrives?

Getting ready for the hot tub removal pros is a breeze! First, drain all the water from your hot tub. Disconnect any electrical connections and remove the cover. Make sure the path to the hot tub is clear by moving any plants or furniture out of the way. Ensure the team has easy access to your property, like a clear driveway or pathway.

If needed, give your neighbors a heads-up about the removal to avoid any surprises. Lastly, let our team know if you have any specific instructions or concerns. This will make the process smooth and efficient when we come to take away your hot tub.

Why Shouldn’t I Attempt to Remove a Hot Tub by Myself?

Trying to remove a hot tub by yourself? Bad idea! Hot tubs are heavy and awkward, and you could end up with a nasty injury, like a pulled muscle — or worse. They also have tricky electrical and plumbing connections that can be dangerous if you’re not an expert. Plus, you might accidentally damage something, leading to costly repairs.

It’s much smarter and safer to call in our specialists. Our hot tub haulers have the right tools and expertise to get the job done without any accidents or damage.

How Does Your Process Work?

It’s super simple. Just call us or book online to pick a time that works for you, and we’ll give you a free price quote. Our friendly team of experts will arrive at your place, all set to work. You don’t have to lift a finger — just show us the hot tub, and we’ll handle the rest. After we take it away, we make sure it’s disposed of or recycled in an environmentally friendly way. Simple, right? For the top jacuzzi tub removal solutions near you, trust our friendly, hardworking professionals to get the job done.

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