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Patio Furniture seems to go in and out of style faster than anything else in your home. That’s just one of the reasons people get rid of so much of it. People are always changing their minds on what type of patio furniture they want for their back or front patio’s. So when they change their minds, that means the old furniture has to go and that’s where the pros at Stand Up Guys Junk Removal come in!

The Stand Up Guys will help you with all your patio furniture removal needs. Whether you are just trying to get rid of one chair or the entire set, we can help. We’ll remove and haul the furniture away for you no matter what material it’s made of too. If it’s wood, metal or plastic The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew will remove it for you!

Here at Stand Up Guys we are pretty big on recycling and up-cycling furniture as well. This means you can have peace of mind when you hire us, that your patio furniture will find a good home once it leaves you. We don’t think that just because you don’t want that particular furniture doesn’t mean someone else will want it.

The Stand Up Guys offer patio furniture removal and hauling all over the US. This currently includes, the following states; Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, & Texas with more states being added all the time!. Just give us a call at 1-844-(SUG-JUNK) and book your free estimate today! We’ll come out and do all heavy lifting and loading for you.

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