Cleaning The Junk Out Of Your Garage Yourself

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For all the do-it-yourselfer’s out there that want to clean all the junk and clutter out of their garage, I have the answer you are looking for. Most of the time, people just let their junk filled garage stay the way that it is. Some let it stay that way because they don’t feel like dealing with it, others let it stay that way because they don’t know HOW to clean it out. We all know how to clean, but what are we going to do with all the junk that comes out that you want removed? We know the trash company wont take it. So who will?

The answer to your garage cleaning questions is none other than, The Junk Bucket. Bucket’s are the perfect dumpsters for all your home projects and cleaning. Most of the time when people think of dumpsters, they think of the over sized, ugly ones that are about as bad as an eye sore for your neighbors as you can have. Well, The Junk Buckets are different. Buckets are the new aged, sleeker dumpsters, made specifically for homes. Junk Buckets are the #1 Residential Dumpster Rental Service.

Junk Buckets were made to fit into tighter spots, like your driveway or side yard. This way when you are cleaning the junk out of  your garage you wont have to walk the junk that you want removed very far. Junk Bucket Dumpsters are also built with rubber wheels to protect your driveway. Majority of all dumpsters are NOT driveway safe like the Junk Buckets are. The last thing you want is an expensive fix, like a crack in your driveway, just because you wanted to clean your garage. Junk Buckets are also pleasing to look at. We designed them specifically for your neighbors enjoyment. You won’t hear any complaints from the HOA or your neighbors about Buckets, their too pretty.

The Stand Up Guys deliver buckets all over the Metro Atlanta Area in Georgia, and the Tampa Bay Area in Florida.

Garage Junk Removal Process

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The process is simple for all you do-it-yourselfers. Call up today, or even order your Junk Bucket online, and pick the time you want your Bucket dropped off. At the time that you requested, The Stand Up Guys will deliver your Junk Bucket to your home and place it exactly where you like. Now that you have your dumpster, it’s time to get to work.

When cleaning out your garage, it’s always best to start with the large items that you know you want removed. Remove them from the garage and place them in the Junk Bucket, then just go from there. Once larger items are out of the way, you have more space to work with, and a better idea of how you can organize your garage. Make sure you have a helping hand, and a broom and pan as well. These are crucial when cleaning junk out of your garage.

Once you are done, and your entire garage is spotless, just pick up the phone and let The Stand Up Guys know that your dumpster is ready for pick up. The Stand Up Guys will be out there right away to remove your Junk Bucket and let you enjoy and soak in your accomplishment. Nothing feels better than cleaning out the clutter!

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