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Getting rid of junk from around your home, yard of garage can be a pain. It’s one thing to do the work yourself and clean your home of all your unwanted items. It’s another thing to try and find a way to dispose of everything after that. Large items, such as furniture, appliance and yard debris can’t be put out at the curb, so what do you do with it?

For homeowners of Tampa Bay, there is a great alternative for disposing of your unwanted junk, The Junk Bucket! The Junk Bucket is the number one dumpster rental service for homeowners in all of Tampa Bay. The Junk Bucket is number one for many different reasons. One reason being that you can throw away any and everything you want into our Junk Bucket Dumpsters. It doesn’t matter what you have, or how much you have, you can chuck it all in there. Once you’re done, you just pick up the phone and let us know, then we’ll be out there to pick it up. You’ll never have to deal with that unwanted junk again!

One of the most popular reasons that the people of Tampa Bay choose The Junk Bucket over other dumpster companies, is that they are driveway safe. No one wants a damaged driveway.

Driveway Safe Dumpsters In Tampa

Roll off dumpsters were not made for household use, it’s that simple. They are far too large to fit into spaces that you need, and they are way too heavy to sit on your driveway. Without cracking it that is. This is why The Junk Bucket is the best dumpster for your home. Junk Buckets are on rubber wheels to protect your driveway. We don’t drop any containers directly onto your driveway, or yard, so there is no need to stress about damage.

The Junk Bucket Dumpsters are also perfect for your home, because of their size. Junk Buckets were built sleeker and more mobile than large roll offs. They can squeeze into places other dumpsters cant so that you can have better access to it. There is nothing worse than walking your junk all the way out of your house, down the driveway and to the street, where the dumpster is. So we squeeze The Junk Bucket wherever you need. This way your walking time is cut down significantly.

Another popular reason that homeowners in Tampa use The Stand Up Guys Junk Buckets is the appeal. Junk Buckets were made to look professional and clean. We designed them specifically to make your neighbors jealous of you. Most neighbors will complain about roll offs in the neighborhood. Their big, smelly and ugly. The opposite is true about Junk Buckets. Your neighbors will be asking you were they can get one, and how you are so exclusive.

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