Yard Debris Removal With A Junk Bucket Dumpster

Have you recently done some yard work at your home? Satisfied with the outcome besides one nasty thing, a large pile of debris leftover from your efforts? If this is you, don’t fret any longer. We have the perfect solution to your yard debris woes.

yard debris pile

Every time any person does significant yard work at their home, they have an issue with yard debris. It piles up as you work and cut away the excess of your yard. Some lucky people have property behind their house where they can stash it, others aren’t so lucky. So what’s the solution for the unlucky people out there? Simple. Junk Bucket!

Junk Bucket Dumpsters are absolutely perfect for any household project, especially yard work. You can use the Junk Bucket Dumpster in a few different ways. You can have The Stand Up Guys come out and drop a Junk Bucket off at your home before your yard work begins. This way you can fill the Bucket at your own leisure while you work in the yard. The beauty of that is once you’re are done with working in the yard, you’re completely done. No debris leftover.

You also could stack the debris in a pile somewhere in your yard, then once you are finished and you know there is no more debris to be had, then you rent a Junk Bucket Dumpster and fill it yourself with the debris. Don’t worry about where you stack the debris before the Bucket arrives either. The Junk Bucket Dumpsters are built with a sleek design and rubber wheels, so they can fit into any tight spaces and go pretty much anywhere. These are not your typical, big ugly dumpsters.

Yard Debris Removal In Marietta

junk bucket rental

Last week we got a call from Susan in Marietta. When Susan called into HQ she got Carson on the other line, who was prompt to figure out Susan’s issue and finding how he could help. Susan explained that she was about to start some major lawn renovations at her home. She told Carson she did the same thing 3 years ago and once the project was complete she was left with a massive pile of debris. Susan did not want this to happen again. Obvi.

Carson expressed to Susan that we could help. He suggested that she Rent a Junk Bucket Dumpster before the project began. This way she could strategically place it on her property, then fill it with debris as the project went along. “What an absolutely fabulous idea!” said Susan. She was convinced, The Junk Bucket is what she needed.

That weekend, bright and early, before Susan and her two teenage sons started on the lawn, Susan received a call. The call was from Chris with Stand Up Guys. Chris was calling Susan to let her know that he was in route and only 30 minutes away from her home with a Junk Bucket. Susan was thrilled, she was glad she wasn’t going to have to wait around the time window for the Junk Bucket Dumpster to show up. She was already impressed with The Stand Up Guys level of customer service.

debris pile removed

When Chris arrived at the Marietta home, one of Susan’s sons came up to the truck as he was pulling up. He showed Chris where his mother wanted the Bucket dropped. It was a small open space on the side of the house. Chris pulled up, did his thing and backed The Junk Bucket Dumpster right up to the space. He unhooked it, chatted with Susan for a minute then was on his way.

Susan and her two sons worked in the yard that entire weekend. Pulling weeds, shopping and trimming trees, I mean the whole nine. Every time there would be a small pile of debris, or a large branch, they would drag it over to the Junk Bucket and toss it in. It was crazy easy.

Susan called up The Stand Up Guys that Monday to tell us the Junk Bucket was full and the yard work was complete. Carson was happy to get the call and happy that Susan was 100% satisfied. “About 7 different neighbors came by asking about this awesome looking thing in my yard. I told them it was a Junk Bucket!” said Susan.

Chris was out at Susan’s house that same day. He backed in, hooked up the Bucket, said his goodbyes and was on his way. The whole process was as simple as that!

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