The Junk Problem

[divider top=”0″] [frame align=”right”]clearwater dumpster rental service[/frame]Do you have junk, clutter or debris at your home that you are sick of dealing with? Are you just ready to get it all out but don’t know the best route? Well if this is you, then I have the perfect solution to your junk problem; The Junk Bucket!

Most people collect junk over time. It’s a completely normal thing. You save things in your home that you buy, receive, or find over time. Before you know it though, all the things that you have saved begin to stack up and eventually, turn into clutter. Junk can clutter up your spare bedroom, closets, garage or even attic. People save everything too, from old couches and other types of furniture, to appliances and old clothes. Most never throw anything away.

Now all you want to do is get in there and clean out what you don’t want. The problem is, your average person doesn’t know what their options are when it comes to getting rid of all that unwanted junk and clutter. Well, if you live or work in St. Petersburg, or any of the surrounding cities, you’re in luck. I have the answer for you.

The Dumpster Solution

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There are a few options home owners have for getting rid of their household junk and clutter. Anywhere from renting a truck to hiring a junk removal company. For most homeowners out there though, the most efficient way of getting rid of your junk is with the one and only Junk Bucket.

Renting just any old dumpster to get rid of your household junk can be a real pain in the behind. Dumpsters are too bulky, smelly, unappealing and consistently crack driveways. Nobody wants that. What homeowners need is The Junk Bucket. Junk Buckets are sleek and stealthy, so they fit into smaller areas like your driveway or side yard. This way it can be close to the junk that you want to get rid of. Always best to minimize your walking.

Junk Bucket Dumpsters are also slick looking too. We have designed them to not only look good sitting in your driveways, but they have an artistic look as well, designed to make neighbors jealous. Jealous neighbors are a lot better than angry ones that are mad you have a big ugly dumpster smelling up the street.

One of the best reasons for homeowners to rent Junk Buckets for their junk removal needs is that they are all driveway safe. They all come equipped with rubber wheels. This gets rid of all possibilities of cracking your driveway. We make sure your driveway looks as good, if not better, from when we got their til when we leave.

Make the right choice when you decide to clean out all the junk and clutter from your home. Call The Stand Up Guys and rent yourself a Junk Bucket!

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