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Rake it til you make It

Well spring time is right around the corner Atlanta, did you let all those leaves sit there all throughout the winter? Does it seem like quite a daunting task to rake them all up and then dispose of them? Well your right it is, but don’t you worry because Stand Up Guys Junk Removal can handle all that for you in one shot. We can do all the raking and clean up work for you, and on top of that we will also dispose of it (of course) in a responsible fashion. We take leaves and all lawn debris to a facility that actually compost it and or turns it in to mulch, that way nothing goes to waste. We recycle and donate every possible thing we can to help out with our community and environment.

Junk and debris NOT going to waste is one of our biggest focal points here at Stand Up Guys Junk Removal. We think that you can find a use in almost anything, may it be junk to someone or not. This article on Ehow explains a lot of ways you can reuse your junk, and we use these principles every day, with everything we take, “don’t let anything go to waste”. This article tells you ways to reuse fabrics, building materials into decorations and even ways to reuse paper.

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