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pile of junk and wood

Massive Junk!

Yep, we are finally done! It took us an entire week, but The Stand Up Guys finally finished clearing this property of its numerous junk piles (so many piles we couldn’t even fit them all on this page). The property sat right off of Hwy 20 in Canton, which is in the northern part of Cherokee County. If you ever drove by it in the last year or so, you would have known about it, because it stood out like a swore thumb. It basically just looked like a landfill, and on top of that it sat right in front of a Middle School.

This property, at one time was a Wood Products Company, where they sold pallets, but because of family issues, and illness the company went belly up. Instead of clearing everything away though, when the son of the original owner let the company fail, he just left the property a complete and utter mess. Then as the months went by, and nobody cleaned up the mess, people, from who knows where, started dumping whatever they wanted onto the property. Probably thinking that it didn’t matter because it was already a complete mess to begin with.

Well the property sat there as a glorified landfill for over a year, until someone, not even remotely responsible for the mess, stepped up and paid to have it all cleaned. That person, our customer, made the right decision, because he called The Stand Up Guys, and as you all know, this is our “Bread and Butter”. We met out their with the customer a few times, we all agreed on a fair price, and we got to work in no time.

We quickly found out, just a few hours into the clean up, that it wasn’t just what we thought it was. Going in we were under the impression that this was just all pallets, and scrap wood, but we were sooo wrong. Just a few hours in we started to realize what I told you before, that people had been using this place as their own personal landfill. This made the job a little bit harder, and probably made it take just a little bit longer, but that didn’t bother us in the least. “Junk” is what we do here at Stand Up Guys, so no matter what kind of “junk” it is, we can handle it.

It took us about a week, but we got every last bit of junk cleared off the property, and left it spotless. Now the great people of Canton, and Cartersville can drive up and down Hwy 20 and not have to worry about that enormous eye sore. So you are welcome Canton! Stand Up Guys Junk Removal to the rescue!

Well go ahead and take a look at all the pictures we took, and no, none of theses are duplicates, if anything, we missed a few piles when we took the before pictures.


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  • Randy Meredith  September 24, 2011 at 11:28 pm


    After working with you, I have to say that your company name is an understatement! Thank you for doing such an outstanding job cleaning up this property in Canton.

    I know this job had to have been a nightmare (the property has been my nightmare for a while now), and if was not for your hard work and dedication to doing the job right (I know it turned out to be much more of an undertaking than we both understood), I can sleep a little better now. I’m just not good enough with words to express my extreme gratitude for your commitment to get this job done right even though it proved to be a challenge. Anyone else would have quit before they were done or asked for more money half way through. Your character is beyond reproach! Hats off you you!

    Best Regards,


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