I know this isn’t a usual blog for our site but i figured my opinion needed to be shared, (since its so important and all). Im sitting here watching the NLCS, and of course I am enjoying it because baseball is a game that I have always loved. The more I watch baseball though the more apparent it is that it needs a change, and it needs it fast. If you watch the NFL, or NBA, or even the NHL, you will notice that it is an always changing game, but baseball refuses to change, and its killing their ratings and they’re losing there fan base. The game has gotten to slow and the rules need to be changed.
This is how I think they should do that. First, you have to have some sort of replay system, there has been too many instances this year alone that it would have come in HUGE. Second you have to speed up the pitchers pitches, they have to have some sort of time limit because too many times I have watched minutes fly by between pitches. Third you also have to speed up pitching changes, it literally takes some times ten to fifteen minutes for these fools to make a change. Just have the relief pitcher warm for gods sake, its not that complicated.
The reason the NFL is rapidly turning into the dominating sport in America is because they are always changing to better the fan experience. They make the game easy to watch, with the yellow lines as first down markers. They make the calls always come out on the correct side, with the replay system, and last but not least they change the rules around to better please the fans, with the qb and wr rules (even though i dont agree with most of them)
So come on MLB lets make some changes so that you don’t lose any more fans and everyone in america can see the game I love so much the way that I see it.http://www.wikio.com

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