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Unwanted junk and clutter can be much more that just a ‘pain in the butt’. Did you know that one of the leading causes of stress and anxiety in our country is a cluttered home or work space?? This is something that we hate to see here at Stand Up Guys. That’s exactly why we do what we do for our customers in The Triangle and the surrounding areas of North Carolina. We want to help our customer get rid of that unwanted and unnecessary stress. We want people to live a clutter-free and stress-free life.

The Stand Up Guys have quickly become the #1 Junk Removal and Hauling Company in The Triangle over the years. We’ve earned this special place in the hearts of The Triangle’s residents for many reasons. The biggest reason though, our amazing customer service. Here at Stand Up Guys we take our customer service and customer care as serious as a heart attack. There’s nothing more important to us then a ecstatic customer (satisfied just isn’t enough). Everything we do, from the people that we hire to the way we dispose of our junk is geared around making our customers thrilled. Being a ‘Stand Up Guy’ is all about making people happy!

Another reason why The Stand Up Guys are the number one junk removal company in The Triangle, is because of what we do with our customers items once we leave their home or place of business. We don’t believe in simply throwing everything away in the landfill. At Stand Up Guys we believe that there are a lot of items out there that one person could think of as ‘junk’ but someone else could find good use for. That’s why we donate and recycle more than 60% of the items that we remove in The Triangle. We do all we can to give back to the community here. This goes for both our residential customer and commercial clients.

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More About The Triangle

The Research Triangle, often referred to as The Triangle is region of North Carolina made up of 8 counties and three major cities of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hills. The name Research Triangle originated in the area back in the 1950’s when Research Triangle Park was first constructed. The Triangle is home to many major Universities, such as Duke University, UNC Chapel Hill and NC State. The area is quite populated as well, with an estimate 2.1 millions people calling The Triangle home!

The residents and businesses of The Triangle love their cities and are proud to be from this amazing place. Hence why it has boomed as much as it has. The Triangle alone has almost tripled in size in the last 30 years. The next 30 years looks like it could be the exact same trend. Another thing that the people of The Triangle love.. College Basketball. You can’t walk into any sports bar, or any facility for that matter without seeing one of the three or four major College Basketball schools being repped. It’s just part of what it means to be from The Triangle.

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