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#1 Junk Service

There are quite a few reasons why The Stand Up Guys have become the number one choice among all junk removal services in the Metro Atlanta Area. It would take us ten pages to explain all the greatness of our service, but instead we will give it to you in the broadest of ranges.

Why We’re #1

  • Customer ServiceHere at Stand Up Guys Junk Removal, our number one concern, and the most important thing to us, is our customers. They always come first, and so do their needs. The short list that we have created here, in all honesty could all fall under this category (but that wouldn’t be any fun). We are very conscious about our customer service, and this includes a few things. First we are always on-time for the appointment we set with the customer. We are always respectful of the customers home, and family, so that they feel comfortable with us. Just doing one job for a customer isn’t what we set out to do either, here at Stand Up Guys we want our customers to be so happy with their experience with us, that they become customers, and fans for life!
  • Prices – Now pricing, all though it falls under the customer service category, is a whole different subject for us. We are always on top of all our expenses, and our competitors. This way we can always, with out exception, offer our wonderful customers the best possible price on their junk removal and clean out needs. Prices constantly change in this economy, including dump fees, gas, and others, so we make sure we are up to date with all of them, and base our prices solely off of them.
  • Clean Cut – When you hire the Stand Up Guys, you can pretty much be 100% sure that the gentlemen that show up, will be just that, gentlemen. Our employees, and managers are always clean cut, well dressed, and extremely well mannered, and respectful. When we come into your home or place of work, we want you to feel comfortable with us, and especially your family and clients to feel the same way with us. You don’t just want any ole body coming in your home or office, so we make sure you can feel extremely comfortable with the gentlemen on our Stand Up Guys Crew.
  • WebsiteBloggingAt Stand Up Guys, we put a lot of effort into our website, unlike any other junk removal business. We do this so that our customers, and the community can feel connected to us, even if they haven’t become our customers yet. This is one more reason we blog, so that our customers can get a personal feel for us, and the members of our crew. Also we have “How To” blogs to help people with many different things that could benefit them. Like how to articles on things around the house, and even new and exciting ways to recycle and donate things in your own home.
  • Community – Another reason why we are the number one choice among all junk removal services in Metro Atlanta, is the fact that we give back to the community that helps us. We donate and recycle large portions of the items we receive from our customers right back into the community, through donation and recycling centers.


There are tons of reasons to choose Stand Up Guys Junk Removal to take care of your junk and clutter, but the one thing you need to know as the customers; Is that with us, you always come first. Your needs, your home, your family, and most importantly your pocket book, all come first!

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