The Call In

Bright and early last Saturday, The Stand Up Guys received a call from Samantha in Sandy Springs to remove an old run down shed that they inherited when they bought they house.

old shed removal and hauling in Sandy Springs

Nasty Old Shed

Casey, who answered the Samantha’s call, explained to her exactly how we operate. Casey told Samantha that we could send a crew out as soon as possible and offer her a free on-site estimate.

If Samantha felt comfortable with the price presented to her they would go right ahead and take care of everything for her then and there. Samantha was ecstatic to say the least, she wanted us to come out as soon as we could.

Right away the Blue Crew hit the streets and headed to Samantha’s Sandy Springs home. We wanted to make sure that Samantha was going to turn into another avid fan of Stand Up Guys. We were about to make Samantha’s backyard quite a bit nicer.

The Old Shed Estimate

shed removal in sandy springs

Tearing The Old Shed Down

My Crew and I showed up right away, actually about 3 hours after Samantha called. We finished our first three jobs ahead of schedule, so we just headed straight there afterwords to take a look at the horrible eye sore that was the one and only shed.

Vines had started growing up, down and across the shed which somehow made the shed one with the ground. We could finally see why Sam wanted the shed gone ASAP…and who better to call than the Blue Crew!

Samantha and I agreed to completely make the shed vanish and lift the weight off her shoulders. She was so excited to rid their property of this she. Samantha and her husband had just given birth to twins, and now it is one less thing for them to worry about. With the shed out of the way, she could focus on more important things, like her family.

The Shed Demo

Ross and I got started right away, cleaning out all the leftover storage junk inside. At the same time Clark began using his enormous arms to tear down the sides of the old shed. Beating on his chest and swinging from side to side, Clark was moving along nicely. His tactics are unprecedented and we always turn to our go to guy when tearing down tough sheds.

shed demo and removal in Sandy Springs

She’s Coming Down

Meanwhile Ross and I were finished with cleaning out the junk inside with just a few trips to the truck. So we each grabbed a sledgehammer and helped the man beast finish the shed sidings before starting on the roof and removing the floor boards.

Since the roof was all connected with screws instead of nails, Ross was up on a ladder unscrewing each joist so they could save their energy for the actual removal of the torn down shed. “Work smarter, not harder”, is what our boss always tells us, so we take the advice to heart in these kind of situations.

Sometimes working smarter may prolong the job a tad, but it is always the best route to go. As we progressed through the job, every time a piece of the shed was taken down, Ross would organize the pieces according to size so when removing the piles, they can carry more at one time. Efficiency is key to both the customers and Stand Up Guys so you can get on with the rest of your day.

The Old Shed Removal

shed removal in sandy springs home

All Gone!

After the shed was completely taken down, Ross, Clark and I started carrying everything to the truck from the backyard and before you knew it, the shed had vanished. The property looked like there was never a shed there in the first place.

Samantha’s eyes twinkled like the 4th of July! Speechless and overwhelmed with joy, she fell to her knees in disbelief. The Stand Up Guys hit another one out of the park! Saving the day for another customer is what we are all about here at Stand Up Guys. Making the community a little bit cleaner, neighbors a little bit less aggravated and customers happy is how we like to end each job.

We take pride in our jobs, and our customers know that. That’s why when they need something done right, they go with the professionals. Never a dull moment and never a doubt, choose The Stand Up Guys and give us a shout!

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