Garden sheds are magnets for messes. These often-useful spaces will always attract a bit of clutter, rendering them less useful for their intended purposes. Fortunately, there are certain steps you can take to organize your garden shed.

Stop and Look

Do yourself a favor and look at your shed as a whole before starting the cleaning process. Why is it such a mess? Is a lack of organization the problem, or did you just stop cleaning one day? Are there any fire or health hazards? What about basic safety problems? Look for issues both major and minor before you dedicate yourself to cleaning the space.

Clear Out a Workspace

Some jobs are just done better out in your shed. One of the best ways to make your garden shed more useful is to create a dedicated work station. This will not only make it easier for you to work inside the shed, but will also provide structure for your future cleaning plans. Creating this space is easy – clear out an area for a small workbench or a table and buy a peg board so you can hang your tools. Now that you have a clearly defined space, you can organize the rest of your shed around that area.

Designate Spaces

Once you’ve got your work space in place, start to designate other spaces in the shed for other items. Make one wall for tools, one wall for gardening supplies, and another for everything else. This will make your shed more organized and easier to navigate, especially when it’s time to clean.

Be Creative

Be creative with how you use the space in your shed. You can use tool racks, peg boards, and even milk crates to store items and keep them out of harm’s way.

Clean It!

This is the big one – you may want to treat your shed the same way as you treat your home. That means dusting, cleaning the tools, and keeping chemicals sealed. By tidying up and lightly cleaning your shed once a week, you can avoid a large-scale cleaning project.

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