Light Demo & Removal With The Stand Up Guys Crew

Stand up guys porch demolition in Woodstock

Porch Before

Today we had ourselves a little bit of a project, and it was quite a bit more than just your typical junk removal job. We had a contractor contact us last week. He proceeded to tell us about how he was going to build an addition onto one of his customers houses in Woodstock. The only problem was, where they wanted the addition, is exactly where their porch was. Of course, being busy like he is, this particular contractor did not have the time to get rid of this porch himself, but he needed it demolished, and he needed it quick.

Then this is where the Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew come in. We have worked for this particular contractor many times, so he knows the magnitude of what we can accomplish, and he knew very well that this porch would be no problem for our crew. In fact it would be as easy as pie, because we are the experts and all of course.

So we scheduled him in for this week, and set aside an entire half day to demo the porch for him.

We got out to the house in Woodstock around 1pm Friday, it was quite a bit chilli, but either way we were revved and ready to go. We had all the necessary tools, an empty truck, and most importantly, the grey matter between our ears.

We proceeded to take down the screened in porch as follows.

  • Step 1, we went in on the inside and ripped out all the windows, screens, and plywood acting as the ceiling.
  • Step 2, we climbed up onto the roof and ripped off all the shingles. This way the roof was much lighter coming down. With out all that weight, it doesn’t pose nearly as many problems. Also it makes the roof much easier to deal with when putting it into the truck.
  • Step 3, we knocked out all the window bearings that were holding the 4 columns on each side together.
  • Step 4, we knocked out the two load bearing corner columns. Once these bad boys were gone, the roof was basically just standing there alone.
  • Step 5, we just yanked slightly on the roof and let that bad boy fall to the ground.
  • Step 6, once the roof was on the ground, we just took our demo saw and cut it into tiny, manageable pieces. Then we just tossed all that junk into the truck.
  • Step 7, once we had the roof down, cut up, and out-of-the-way, we got working on the floor, and decking. This was the easy part, we just took the saw again and cut the entire floor into about 50 pieces.
  • porch demo complete in woodstock


    Step 8, we just pulled the 4×4’s out of the ground that were holding the foundation in, and that was a wrap for the porch. We tossed all the junk into the truck, cleaned up the area, watched the customers as they were just amazed, and headed on with our merry day.

As you can tell from the pictures, we were there pretty late. We didn’t want to burden our customers with a half torn porch laying in their yard over night. So we huffed and we puffed until about 7pm that night and finished it all. That’s just the Stand Up way…



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