After the sale of a house, real estate agents typically need junk removal services during or after the furniture and boxes have been moved from the home. This is particularly true if the property is being prepared for immediate resale. There is usually the need for de-cluttering and large trash pick-ups before or after a property has been sold. For this reason, junk removal services in Atlanta, GA are important to local real estate agents.

Studies have indicated that, on average, homes are sold approximately six years after acquisition. During that period, large quantities of items typically accumulate in the basement, on the sides of the house and in the garage. When the previous homeowner moves out and leaves items behind, they have to be hauled away. A professional junk removal company in Atlanta like Stand Up Guys can eliminate that problem.

Stand Up Guys junk removal can perform a full clean-out of the property or simply remove old, unwanted furniture. Old carpets, various flooring materials, appliances, electronics, couches and mattresses are some of the items we haul away for real estate agents across Georgia.


Foreclosed properties are notorious for being damaged and/or cluttered. Often, personal belongings are left behind, including refrigerators and ovens. While this may be a large, backbreaking job for one or two individuals, our team of professionals can remove these items and more in a more efficient manner, saving real estate agents time and money.

Rental Properties

Junk removal is vital for rental properties as well. Renters typically move more frequently than homeowners. Keeping the property clean and uncluttered will assist in reducing the length of time the property remains empty. This could be challenging, especially when a renter abandons the property or he or she is forced out because of legal reasons.

For the reasons above many real estate agents rely on professional junk removal companies in Atlanta to handle the hard work for them. We have removed junk from hundreds of foreclosed properties, REO and short sale homes.

If you are a real estate agent in need of high quality, dependable junk removal services in Atlanta GA, we’d love to talk with you about how we can help you. Call us at (770) 369- 0305 today to speak with one of our professional junk haulers today.

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