I came across a great article today on how to get creative when recycling as a homeowner. I am always trying to learn new and efficient ways to recycle for my customers and my own house.  I believe the more our company can learn about and practice recycling the better it can be for all our customers and community. Recycling is extremely beneficial to our environment and our communities for the future, and also for the present. The problem is that so many people are uneducated on the subject, or flat out just think recycling is too much work, when in reality its as simple as having two trash cans so that you can separate your household waste.

The article goes in great detail saying, “Recycling is a very environmentally green activity; however, there are ways that you can make it greener as well as building a strong beginning if you do not currently recycle. Many people beginning a recycling program look around and wonder what they can put in the recycling bin; there is so much information available on this site, so don’t panic. By reusing your recycled storage containers you save on the environmental impact as well. Paper and plastic bags are good for recycling storage; however, a plastic reusable bin is even better”. “Many useful items can be made from our everyday trash; the cardboard tubes left over from paper towel and toilet paper can make useful storage containers for our extra extension cords and prevents a tangled mess in the Christmas lights.If your going to throw these out don’t just throw it in the rubbish bin, put it the recycling bin.Baby jars can become snow globes the kids can make and give as gifts, old Christmas cards can become new hand made cards and a glass or plastic bottle along with some clear oil and food coloring and a few other common household items can become a groovy lava lamp! The possibilities are endless and instructions can be found in books and on the internet”.

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