Comfortable dorm life depends almost solely on your ability to maximize space, minimize clutter and get rid of junk you no longer need. It sounds simple, but every student knows how tricky it can be to organize a dorm and keep it that way. There are a few handy tips you can use to get started on the path to a cleaner, more spacious dorm.

Doors: More than Just Room/Space Dividers

The space behind doors is seriously under-utilized. Hooks, hangers, and foldable storage compartments can be attached to the back of virtually every door, including the ones on your cupboard. 

Shoe Racks: Getting Rid of Floor Clutter

Shoes are a pain to tidy up. Instead of kicking them off and leaving them to trip people up, invest in a simple shoe rack to keep your place looking flawlessly tidy.

Removable Hooks: Impermanent Space Savers

If you are worried about hammering nails into your walls and dealing with hefty damage charges, you should consider looking into removable hooks. The adhesive tape at the back of these is suitable for a wide variety of smooth surfaces, and one pack of hooks is enough to give you a few well-placed towel or coat hangers. 

Magazine Holders: Keep Your Papers Safe

Virtually every dorm room is strewn with lecture notes, exam papers, projects, and other junk that takes up unnecessary desk space. In fact, these papers tend to find their way into cupboards, onto tables, in piles on the floor, or worse. A few cleverly placed magazine holders help to keep things looking neat and organized.

Shower Caddies: Keeping Track of Your Products

One shower caddy is enough to hold all of your toiletries. Store it in your cupboard and whip it out whenever you take a trip to the bathroom; it is simple yet effective.

Woven Baskets: Shabby-Chic Storage

Buy a few baskets in different sizes and use them to store whatever needs storing: towels, linen, jerseys, jeans, stationery, books…the opportunities are endless. These baskets can be kept under your bed, on top of shelves or at the top of your cupboard.

USB Chargers: Keep Track of Your Gadgetry

Most of us plug our phones, laptops and other devices into outlets all over the room. It makes things messy and makes it harder to find those gadgets when you are in a rush. Set up a charging station in one section of your room to make things easier.

Food Storage: Fresh Fuel for Body and Mind

Store items that do not need to be refrigerated in sealed containers in your room. Snack bars, cereals, dried fruit, nuts, and gummy candies are the perfect study foods.

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