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Spring Cleaning Time

The cold weather is almost gone here in Atlanta, and we all know what the means…SPRING TIME!! in Atlanta. There is no other city in America that is more beautiful this time of year then our very own Atlanta Ga. The weather is just perfect, its right after the fridged cold, and right before the muggy humidity, so lets all enjoy it while its here. Its time to crack open the ice tea and chill out on the front porch and enjoy. No, The Stand Up Guys have not been hiding during the winter months, we have been out there the whole time removing junk, and helping clean up Atlanta.

Also this time a year means something else, Spring Cleaning and getting rid of that junk. The winter is gone and its time to clean away all the clutter and junk it left behind. Every year we all huff and puff and try to clean out all the junk, clean the yard, and try to get things ready for the kids because school is almost over for the summer. Well I say don’t break your back this year trying to do everything yourself, call in the Junk Removal specialists, and the Stand Up Guys are the ones that can do it all for you. No we can’t plan a great summer for the kids, but we sure can clean out that cluttered junked up basement, and even clean up that beaten and battered front lawn of yours. We don’t only pick up junk, we do all the clean up to, and for a great price I might ad, not to toot our own horns, but we are pretty great. Also check out some of how we Recycle and Donate here in Atlanta.

So like I said don’t break your back this Spring trying to do it all yourself, and don’t break your bank account either. Just do yourself a favor and call the Stand Up Guys, so that you can sit back and relax and really enjoy this beautiful weather. Atlanta.

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  • kathy  May 12, 2011 at 12:36 pm

    do you service waleksa GA

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