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Spring has sprung! Now is the time to start sorting through all the clutter and relieve some weight off your shoulders. Not only inside your home, but outside as well. Gather up those branches that have fallen in your yard, collect those random pieces of trash scattered throughout your yard. Spring cleaning isn’t just for inside your home, cleaning up your yard is just as important! We will help you with some tips that you can do yourself to help prepare for Spring.


  1. Sorting

Sorting through junk is an important step in spring cleaning. Once you know what area of your home you want to start in, then you can start the process.

You need to make sure you sort into three separate piles: ‘Donate’, ‘Keep’ and ‘Junk’. This will keep you organized when going through everything.

If your donation pile ends up being too much for you to handle, we can gladly help you out with that as well! Some people even like to tag the items for trash with a post-it note so nothing gets confused (always a safe bet!). Next, it’s time for us. One simple call and everything you have worked hard on will be gone in a flash and you can start racking up more items you’ll throw away in the future ?


  1. Outside clean up

Now that the sun is out, bring your guns out lol. Get to trimming shrubs, picking weeds and creating piles to throw away. Having an appealing lawn just makes you feel like a better you! Coming home from work every day and seeing your hard work look good, is a great feeling.

Get out there and spread some mulch around the new flowers you just planted, pick up all those pesky weeds in your grass and start gathering those unwanted branches, leaves and sticks from around the yard. You can make that pile as big as you want, bigger the better! Only thing to keep an eye out for is how long you keep that pile there. You don’t want to spend all this time creating a pile then procrastinate in getting it removed.

  1. It’s an eyesore – Last thing you want is complaint from your neighbors or even worse, your HOA.
  2. It houses unwanted pests – A pile of branches is a haven for spiders, snakes and other rodents in the area. Closer it is to your house, better chance you have of them making a home in your home!
  3. Fire hazard – Especially in this southern sun, all the wood piled together can be a fire hazard (It is burning season!). Again, if that pile is close to your house, that’s even a bigger problem.

Once you get that pile completed, SUG will be there to rescue you! Week, to two weeks at the most is how long you want it to sit, otherwise those problems can arise.


  1. DIY improvements

You can finally get to those DIY projects you’ve been wanting to get to. Its all about the mood! Spring just makes things easier and funnier to do! Put that backsplash up that you’ve been wanting to do, remodel that bathroom you’ve put off for a year and rip up that carpet you have been wanting to replace since you’ve moved in.

The kids will be out of school soon so time is of the essence. This is also where our Junk Buckets come into play. We can drop off our driveway safe, easy of the eyes dumpsters so you can discard your debris overtime. No need in having us remove the debris for you. You will now be able to discard the remodel debris as you go!

We here at Stand Up Guys Junk Removal pride ourselves on offering a service to help better you and your surroundings. There is sense of accomplishment when we help our customers. It feels like we help clean up the neighborhood one home at a time. We love what we do and don’t hesitate on calling us, after all, we are Stand Up Guys!

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