Spring Cleaning Time! Hire Stand Up Guys Junk Removal

Its that time of the year again!…SPRING CLEANING! Definitely our favorite time of the year. The weather is beautiful and we get to de-clutter people’s homes…what more could we ask for?

Spring cleaning can often be a rather large project. Several steps are involved…gathering, separating, finding room for your junk pile, calling Stand Up Guys, decision-making, arguments with your significant other (not a step, but definitely involved in the process), etc.

Some of the steps are preliminary before The Stand Up Guys haul off all your junk.

1. Designate a space to place all your junk

pile of junk in the garage of a suwanee homeThe most common place is your garage to store junk. Easiest location and most likely the biggest. Its out of the way and has easy access. Now your cars will have to suffer spending some nights on the driveway, but it will be well worth it. Other people will pile in right on the driveway with a tarp underneath to make an easy and mess-free pick up. Back porch and basement are other popular spots as well. Once you have chosen your space, you are ready to move onto the separating stage.

2. Separate items you’re keeping/trashing/donating

driveway covered with junkWhile you are working your tail off in the attic, basement, closets, kitchen, play room , etc., separate your junk, for donations and keepers. Now this is where some arguing can arise. Your wife will want to keep this and throw away that, while you want to keep that and throw away this. One of the best solutions is to just let your wife decide, because lets face it, that is what’s going to happen anyway. Now, if you need help going through items, shelves, boxes, etc., we can help you. Just let us know before hand and we will help you. After you have gone through all the rooms and spaces in your house and have separated everything, gathering everything into piles is coming up next!

3. Gather your belongings in piles

clean basement of all junkGo back to every room you did your separations in and gather the junk and donations in your garage, or whatever room treats you best. Then some people redecorate using their keepers. Most of the stuff is something we forget was there anyway…its like buying new things. If you are asking yourself why gather junk and donations together…the answer is, we DONATE for you. Yep, we can help on basically every step of the process. We will do our best to make sure your spring cleaning project gets complete.

4. Call The Stand Up Guys

Carson Gibson, Stand Up Guys Junk RemovalEither call us to help you separate and dispose, or after you have gathered all you junk items in one space. As long as we know before hand which situation we are going to handle, it is not a problem for us. We will take it from there. You point and we junk it. We will take all the junk first and save the back of the truck for the donations, which helps makes for an easy and safe ride and easy unload at Goodwill.

If your spring cleaning project involves raking leaves or removing debris from your front/back yard, we can take that at the same time as well.

By following these easy steps, you will be headed to a clutter free home in no time. There’s nothing we love more than leaving a customers house and seeing the smile on their faces…Stand Up Guys Approved!

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