This prestigious award is coveted by many but received by few. This award goes to a person that put his back on the line for Stand Up Guys. It goes to a person that shows true character in the face of adversity, and to someone that shows all the qualities it takes to be a true Stand Up Guy.

Frank "The Tank" Owens

This month (April 2011) we are giving the award to a guy that helped us out of a number of jams, and gave us an extra hand when we needed it. This Stand Up Guy is no other than the one and only Frank “the tank” Owens. Frank helped out our Atlanta Regional Manager on more than one occasion, with some good old fashion man power.

Thanks Frank, the Stand Up Guys would like to show their appreciation for all your hard work, by giving you this award. Also our Alpharetta/Roswell Regional Manager, Carson, has offered to treat you to lunch at the restaurant of your choosing.

From here on out, anytime Frank needs something he can come to Stand Up Guys for it. Now that he has put his back on the line for us, we will do the same if he is ever in need. Frank, you are the man.

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