The Stand Up Guys On 680 The Fan

This morning as I was driving into work, I was listening to my favorite morning radio station like always. That is, of course ‘The Rude Awakening’ on 680 The Fan. Wouldn’t you know it, they were talking about the Stand Up Guys.

The day before we had finished up a nice easy little job for Christopher Rude, the host of the Rude Awakening, and he was so happy he just decided he was going to tell everyone about his experience with the Stand Up Guys. It was just a small job, we took a water bed and some old junk furniture out of his garage, but it doesn’t matter how big or small the job is, or how famous the person is or isn’t. Everyone gets the king treatment when they hire the Stand Up Guys.

Here’s Rudes take on the Stand Up Guys and how much he enjoyed working with us. Thanks Rude! Oh and you too Sandra!

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