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We here at Stand Up Guys Junk Removal have recently made some new moves in order to better or recycling ways, including more bulk and better efficiency. All Stand Up Guys Junk Removal trucks now carry an extra trailer behind them in order to organize every item that can be recycled or donated, the junk that does not have any recycling potential. This way not a single item will be wasted that doesn’t have to be.

There is no reason to overfill the landfills and dumps with things that can be Recycled or things that others could use. We can now fill our recycling trailers for days or even weeks before correctly and responsibly recycling all of those items, mean while it doesn’t slow down our service for our customers at all. There sure has been times were we took a whole lot of time out of our day to properly recycle certain items, which we do enjoy doing, but it hurts our time scheduling and in turn hurts our quick on time service. So The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew put there heads together and came up with this great idea. Now we can do all the recycling we want and it does not effect our service or customers at all, and in turn we are still helping our environment and community as a whole.



Now like I have said before, I am always asking around and searching the web looking for new and cool ways to recycle. I cam across a website the other day that basically shows homeowners every which way to recycle any item they please, so of course I wanted to share it with all of you. The link is, now if you are interested I highly recommend that you read the entire article, because it is extremely informing and will show you how simple is really is to help all of us save the environment. So always remember to help our environment the best you can, you will always get a good hardy “thank you” from The Stand Up Guys.

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