Steps to Downsize Your Home in Less Than 30 Days

Say goodbye. Adios. Sayonara. Au Revoir! It’s downsize time. And it’s serious business. Though you may not be a compulsive junk hoarder, you may have a little pack rat in you. While OCD isn’t always a bad thing, in the case of holding onto stuff you no longer need, it’s time to be addressed.

The Deadline

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The Joy Of Being Clutter Free

Give yourself a deadline. Say, 30 days because you’re moving truck comes in 31 to transport your belongings to your smaller digs, a CubeSmart’s self storage and a Goodwill store. These are the three places you will be dispersing the contents of your current overly-sized abode.

There are some acceptances you’ll have to make, like keeping the sofa but donating the loveseat. It’s okay. Someone really needs it. Or, you may be downsizing because you’re becoming overrun with stuff and, quite honestly, you’re suffocating. Plus, it’s time for some new furnishings and decorations. You deserve it.

Day 1 | Write a List suggests you sit quietly with a piece of paper and write down, from the top of your head, items you own that you want to keep, grouped by room. For instance: living room, to keep — TV, entertainment center, sofa, lamp with iron monkey base, wall art, candelabras on the mantel. And, Living room, donate — coffee table (it’s time for a new, more aerodynamic one), lamp with cracked lampshade, area rug, collection of ceramic birds on the window sill (you’ve enjoyed them long enough, it’s someone else’s turn).

Get the picture? Room by room. If you forget an item, here’s to sending it on it’s way.

Day 2 to 4 | Get Packing/Storage Supplies

Whether staying or going, you will need supplies to pack and move. Having taped and labeled boxes on hand will make the sorting process smooth. Pick up cardboard boxes or plastic containers, packing materials and tape for a move to the storage unit or new home. Get a large Sharpie Permanent Marker and label containers room by room and you can even include contents of the box. Label all sides so you can see what’s in the boxes if they’re stacked.

Day 4 to 28 | Pack & Toss

Begin in one room for a few days and finish it. Then move to the next. It’s all about order and smooth moving. You’ve taken all the proper preparations thus far so take your time and make it count. Some things to remember:

  • Your beauty products have an expiration date even though they might not say so. You’ve collected years worth of samples and half used products that include makeup, hair, skin and perfume. While they may have been very expensive, the ingredients are no longer of use to you. In fact, they may cause eczema or contact dermatitis which will irritate your skin and give you mini face rashes. Throw away products that are 1 to 2 years old. Check out for beauty product expiration specifics. Organic product shelf life is even further reduced.
  • You may not have room for those monthly Costco runs, says If you’re downsizing to a smaller home, do you really need a pack of five huge Dove liquid moisturizing soaps? Remember what we just mentioned about shelf life. They might go bad if it’s just you and your spouse. Pick up the necessities like paper towels, vitamins and toilet paper in bulk if you must.

Day 29 to 30 | Details…

Once everything is sorted and packed, it’s time to do the finishing touches and relax for a few days. This also gives you some leeway in case you fall behind on the details. Happy packing your way to a new you!

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  • removalcompanylondon  December 3, 2012 at 5:36 am

    In every house there are certain items which are not used or are outdated. The removal of these items would not only create more space but also make the home more tidy.

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