Simple Steps To Junk Removal

driveway covered with junk

Junk, Junk, Junk

Sometimes it might seem to overwhelming when you look around your home, basement or garage and it’s just packed in with junk. That’s one of the main reasons that people call us, because we make everything simpler, we do the work, and we dispose of it. Well if you have your heart set on doing it yourself (the hard way), instead of calling the Stand Up Guys Junk Removal experts, here are a few steps to help you along the way.

Step 1. Locate the Junk.

Find the central location of where the biggest problem is, its best to knock the hard stuff out first. Once you finish the hard part it will be all smooth sailing from there.

Step 2. Create a Pile.

The easiest way go about getting all your junk out is to do the steps one at a time and not try to do 3 at once. So make a pile of everything you’re getting rid of, that way you can focus on what you are trying to throw away, instead of picking out, picking up, and loading one piece at a time. This way when you finish cleaning everything out that you want gone, and the room looks the way you want it, you’ll have a nice neat pile ready to go.

Step 3. Get a Truck.

This part is where most people give up and call Stand Up Guys Junk Removal of Atlanta, but its not that hard. If you have a pick up truck, or a friend with one, you can always go to your local UHAUL Store and rent a trailer to through all the junk in. Well, if you don’t have a pick up truck, or a friend that does, there is still another way to go. Home Depot rents out trucks for local daily use, and the trucks that they have, have very large beds so it makes the job much easier, definitely if you only have to take one trip.

Step 4. Load the Truck.

This step might seem self-explanatory to some, but its part of the process so it needs be. This is where the sweating starts, now that you have your rented, borrowed or own truck ready to go and empty you just pull as close as possible to the pile of junk. Trust me, every foot or two closer to that pile the better in the long run. Now you just load up all the junk into the truck, make sure to stack it nice and neatly, organization can go a long way into fitting more into one load.

Step 5. Dispose of the Junk.

Now I can’t tell you exactly where to take the junk you have because, well I don’t know where you live, but its simple. Just either look in the yellow pages, or type into Google, keywords like Landfills, Dumps, Transfer Stations, or Recycling centers in your area. Just make sure to bring your wallet when you go, because they do charge an arm and leg at most places.

Well if you are trying to take care of your clutter project by yourself I hope these five steps helped you out. Don’t forget, if you decide that it’s too much for you just give Stand Up Guys Junk Removal of Atlanta a call, and we will handle the whole shabangbang for you!

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