It’s nice to keep your house comfortably dirty. After all, you know where everything is. What happens, though, when you’ve got unexpected company on the way? Unless you’re a superhero, there’s no way you are going to make a house spotless in time. Fortunately, as with so many other things in life, you can fake a clean home. You’ve just got to use a bit of ingenuity and a little elbow grease to make things work.


Faking Your Way to a Clean House


Step One: The Entrance

It doesn’t matter if it’s your parents or an old childhood friend, everyone’s got to come in your house the same way. That means that your entryway is the one part of your home that needs to be cleaned meticulously. Organize everything quickly, hang up any clothes that are out of place, and take a moment to sweep, vacuum or mop if you have time. If you have an attractive entryway, many other cleaning sins can be forgiven.

Step Two: De-Fur the Couch

Most people want to sit down and relax on the couch, and few guests want to deal with the fur and pet dander left behind by your pets. Don’t fret – strap on a pair of rubber cleaning gloves and run them across your couch – you’ll pull out piles of fur that are then easily tossed away. This is way easier than using a lint roller, and it’s actually a bit more effective for fast cleaning.

Step Three: The Linen Deception

This is really where a dash of sneaky and a pinch of deception will work in your favor. If you straighten up all the linens, your home will look clean. Have some grime on the cushions? Throw a decorative blanket over them. Streaky windows? Pull the curtains. It’s deceptive, but easy.

Step Four: Hide It

Use your childhood cleaning skills here and stuff your junk into cabinets and closets. Close the doors and worry about organization later. Or, to avoid having to deal with junk at all try to follow a cleaning regiment or hire a junk removal company in Marietta, GA.

Step Five: Paper Free

Finally, toss out any junk mail laying around, stack and organize any erroneous magazines, and stuff any sticky notes or reminders in a desk drawer. It’s really not all that hard to make your house look better, you’ve just got to tidy up a bit.

Faking a clean home isn’t always the best solution, but if you’re in a pinch it’s better than having your guests see your home in disarray.

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