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Junk pile in driveway of Buckhead home

Junkity junk

Take My Junk…Please!..This is a common question that we hear on a daily basis here at Stand Up Guys Junk Removal, and that is a question that we answer 100% of the time with, no problem. When people come to us, it means that they just have so much junk, and they cant take it anymore, and we are here to help. After all, junk is what we do.

Today we had a customer is Buckhead ask us that very same question, and we of course answered the call like we always do, and took care of everything. This particular

customer had to finally bite the bullet, and get all the old junk out of her basement that the previous owners so kindly left behind. She said she had just been avoiding it for quite some time, because she didn’t want to deal with the burden of cleaning up someone else junk, which in my opinion, is perfectly understandable. So she took the simpler, smarter route, and called The Stand Up Guys, or what some refer to us as “The best in the biz“.

We helped her clean out the entire basement of all the leftover junk and clutter. We hauled everything up around the side of the house, and stacked it all in a pile, that we would later lift, and load into our truck, a.k.a “Junk’a’Tron“. We also swept up the basement, and helped our customer to rearrange everything else that was left, into neat piles. Now with everything out, she can finally have herself a nice, useable basement. She told us that she had only been down to the

basement once since living their, and she had been in her Buckhead home for over a year. We got a great deal of satisfaction with helping her, and seeing the relief on her face when her basement was finally bare, and useable.

Now that we had everything in a pile, we filtered through everything and loaded all the junk that wasn’t useable onto the truck. We made two separate piles though, for both things that could be donated, and items that could be recycled. This way it didn’t all go to waste.

So thanks to our efforts with this job, the customer was extremely happy, and we were able to give back to the Buckhead community by donating useable items to goodwill so that others could put it to use. This is just another ordinary day in the life of the Stand Up Guys. We are here to help everyone, including our customers, the community and even the environment.

driveway cleared of junk

All Clean! Your welcome

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