The Stand Up Guys Daily Log

The phone rang extremely early yesterday morning, even earlier than normal. Who was it? Yep, you guessed it. It was our old friend Janie The Realtor. She had yet another problem in Vinings. 

garage full of junk and trash in vinings

Just Filthy

Janie The Realtor has been using Stand Up Guys for cleaning up the plethora of houses she owns for years. She likes to rent most of her properties, so when these people leave, we are usually her first call after she walks in and sees that yet again, the renters left junk behind.

This is not uncommon among renters in this area. For some reason, people have a serious problem with leaving the home that they have rented for an extended period of time, clean. They find it necessary to leave as much junk behind as possible. Janie always tells us it’s because the renters want to leave behind something we can remember them by. Janie always makes us chuckle.

Well, when Janie The Realtor called yesterday. It was right along the same guidelines as always when it comes to Janies problems. She had another renter leave in Vinings before the end of the lease, and of course, they left a bunch of junk behind.

garage full of junk in vinings that the stand up guys are going to tackle

That’s Manhandeling Junk!

Janie was a little bit more hysterical than normal yesterday though. She was disgusted by what she found at this particular property. She found that the renters weren’t using a garbage service, and instead were just throwing all the garbage bags into the garage, and they were doing this for who knows how long.

She was stressing the importance of us being there as soon as possible, so we made a special, same day trip for her. We try to accommodate our return customers as much as we possible, and Janie The Realtor isn’t just a return client, she’s part of our platinum member club. Which basically means shes a big shot to us.

Well, when we arrived, we could instantly see, and smell the exact reason why Janie was so hysterical. The garage was just filled with junk, and old bulk trash. It smelled like a landfill, and looked like they had been dumping their trash there for months, and months. I was even a little surprised, and after all these years, and all the different kinds of junk and trash piles I have seen, it’s hard to surprise me.

garage clean up in vinings with the stand up guys

All Clean

The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew wasn’t going to be intimidated by any pile of junk, no matter how smelly it was. So we put our hard hats on, closed our noses, and went to work.

Everything was in the garage, so it wasn’t going to be a far walk at all. We just pulled the famous Light Blue Stand Up Guys Junk Truck, right up to the garage door, and started chucking bags into the back. It actually didn’t even take as long as we thought it would. That might have had something to do with the fact that we were working at extra super speeds, so that we didn’t have to stay in the smelly filth.

Either way, we got the job done, and most of all Janie the Realtor was extremely happy now. She is always happy after we help her out, that is why she keeps coming back to us. But today she was a little extra happy, because this renter, this house, and this pile of junk and trash was really starting to become a nuisance for her. All is good now though, because the Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew came and saved the day!

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