The title to this blog tells it all; The Stand Up Guys are the best there is in the ‘Junk Removal Game’ and the word is getting around quick!

There’s a few things that set The Stand Up Guys apart from the competition. One, our look. The Stand Up Guys look good from head to toe and we stay that way. You can always count on a clean cut, uniformed crew to help you with your junk removal and hauling needs.

Two, The Stand Up Guys donate and recycle any and everything. We do this to help our communities and the environment. These are things that are important to us and woven into the fabric of our ‘Stand Up Culture.’

Three, we’re quick. We’re quick to answer the phone when you call. We’re quick to get out to you and take care of what you needs. We’re quick when we work, so that you can get back to your life and most of all we’re quick to make you smile!

Four, our prices. We offer value to all our clients. With The Stand Up Guys you pay local prices and get a local feel, while dealing with a company that has a all world look and style! We got it all.

Five, our customer service. Now this is the big one. This is the one that no one out there can emulate, no matter how hard they try. Our customer service and customer care is second to none. We care so much about our clients that it’s hard to even put into words.

Six, honestly this list could go on for a seriously long time. I’ll leave you with this video here and let you know that if you are located in Atlanta, Ga | Tampa, FL | Nashville, TN | Raleigh, NC | Dallas, TX| Sarasota, FL or any of the other awesome cities we service, we’ve got you covered. Hopefully you’ve been convinced enough to try out The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew and are ready to start living the life that YOU deserve!

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