In the photo here is Carson and I, Carson, on the right is the latest addition to the Stand Up Guys Crew. Fresh out of the University of Alabama, standing six foot two inches tall, and weighing in at a whooping 170lbs. Carson is a lean mean junk demolishing machine, with all the charisma and gusto it takes to be a true Stand Up Guy.

two men cleaning up junk pile


Carson was looking for a new opportunity, and did not want to be tied down to a desk, like many of his fellow grad mates. So, naturally he was drawn to us, The Stand Up Guys, because it was obvious that there was room to grow with us and heck, we just have a lot of fun, and people wanna hang out with us because we’re cool. Carson has also always been a big supporter of recycling, and helping out around his community, so that also led him in our direction. He will admit that wasn’t the only reason he came though, its probably because being in the junk biz really attracts the ladies.

two men standing with backs turned

1800 Got Junk Destroyers

Our company is always looking for new and fun ways to help out in and around are community, and I myself believe that Carson will play a big role in helping us come up with new and creative ways of doing that. We have big plans of growth and strengthening in our business here at Stand Up Guys and I think Carson is just a wonderful addition to our team, and will be vital to our growth. Even though we started out small, we are making huge strides year after year, for us the sky really is the limit. If you are wondering, the picture is us looking out to the future for bigger and brighter things. So welcome in to the club Carson, its a goody, and we are glad to have you.

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  • Gibby  October 26, 2010 at 6:06 pm

    Yep, I am the man

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