Im sitting here watching my weekly regular Monday Night Countdown, and I must say, I am absolutely SICK of hearing about the Dallas Cowboys. Year after year after year I have to sit here and listen to the media go on and on about how good the Cowboys are gonna be, and then five to six weeks into every year I have to hear about how disappointing there season is so far. Why is it that every year has to be the same, when will people realize that Tony “choke artist” Romo is a mediocre quarter back. Or that Jerry Jones is a control freak, with his best years of running a team are behind him. Or when will they realize that Wade Phillips is a loser, plain and simple the guy is a loser, he could not win if he was coaching against eighth graders, he is an absolute joke.

Like I said though, I am about to watch Monday Night Football on ESPN, which is wonderful coverage by the way, and I have not heard a thing about the Giants yet. The Giants are having a much better year then people would have thought, and there out of the biggest sports market cities there is, and all everyone on TV and radio wanna talk about is how the Cowboys suck. Get over it ESPN, they suck and nothing is gonna change, so let it be, move on, lets hear about something else. Maybe after the Cowboys get smoked tonight they’ll shut up about it, but I highly doubt it.

2 Response Comments

  • Anonymous  January 14, 2011 at 9:33 am

    you suck!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous  January 14, 2011 at 10:24 am

    Why do i suck, because i was right in every way, get over it THE COWBOYS SUCK!

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