Here’s the best of the best. The junkiest of the junkiest. This is ‘The Stand Up Guys Top Ten Most Removed Items!’ These aren’t just items that we see now and again, no. These are the items that we consistently see day in and day out. It’s pretty interesting to see how so many people have similar junkie attributes.

10. Paint

pile of old paintHands down, Old Paint is the hardest item to dispose of. Most customers getting rid of paint have usually had the cans for 20+ years, because they do not know what to do with it. Regulations make this impossible to get rid of. One of the most popular ways to dispose of paint is to completely dry it out with kitty litter. As long as its not wet anymore, bye bye paint and hello free space in the garage.

9. Carpet

Loading Truck full of Junk CarpetCarpet Removal is a big ticket item with us here at Stand Up Guys! Most people and businesses have carpet & it only last so long. That’s a good reason why Carpet Removal lands at number 9 on our list. Whether the carpets is already rolled up or you need The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew to perform the demo, it’s no problem. We help you out any way we can. Our crews will cut up the carpet and padding while also getting up all the wall tacts on the border of each room.

8. Construction/Remodeling Debris

pile of construction debris on drivewayConstruction debris removal is a common occurrence with us. For both the DIY’s and contractors alike. For all you ‘Do It Yourselfers‘, this is what you are looking for. Once you have demoed that bathroom, deck or kitchen and have a pile of construction debris stacked up in your garage, the next step is to remove it. That’s where The Stand Up Guys come in. Order a Stand Up Guys ‘Junk Bucket and load it yourself or have us come out and load our trucks for you. Either way, we will take care of it.

7. Moving Material

these are men removing junkI’m sure everyone has experienced this, that’s why it has landed on our list at number seven. After a stressful move you have unwanted boxes, packing paper and probably some extra stuff that you realized you did not need. It’s all just sitting there in your garage taking up you vehicles space. Since it’s so bulky it is hard to remove by yourself. We will come and take everything as is and recycle the cardboard at the nearest recycling site.

6. Play sets

ross hanging from play setPlaysets have fast become one of our hottest items within the last couple years. If I made this list in 2007, it wouldn’t have even made the top twenty. Things change though & now it’s common job for the Stand Up Crew. Once your kids grow out of the old junk play set, it just becomes an eye sore and no body keeps up with it. It attracts insects and can make a nice home for any rodents in the area. We will price it, demo it and take it away all in the blink of an eye. It will be as it was never there in the first place!

5. Hot Tubs

junk hot tub outside houseNow for number five on this incredible list, I give to you our most popular ‘big’ item we remove, hot tubs. Not everybody has a hot tub, but the ones who do typically don’t hang on to them for long (mainly because they don’t last long) and when they’re ready to part ways, they call us! Hot tubs are also another item that is hard to get rid of. Sometimes they are brought to you with a crane…that’s how hard they are to move. Whether it’s built into the deck or sitting on a slab of concrete, we will take care of it.

4. Refrigerators

junk freezer removalThis is an obvious one. Old refrigerators come by the hundreds. Seems like we get a least 3-5 a week. Not sure if it’s because ppl don’t like to move them when they move, or that they go bad and people want to upgrade. Whatever the reason, refrigerator removal is popular here at Stand Up Guys. We dispose of it properly and recycle what we can out of it. If you do decide to take care of these yourself, make sure the freeon is completely drained and removed from the fridge. No recycling plant will take it if so.

3. Washers/Dryers

Junk Washer & Dryer Removal with the Stand Up GuysRecently taking the award for “Most removed item of February“, washers and dryers are very popular as a pair. Broken or not, we take them and donate them or recycle them. Someone always needs a washer and dryer and we love to help. So we donate to any and all local thrift stores, salvation army or Goodwill. If broken, it will be recycled promptly.

2. Sofas

Couch DisposalSofas are an uber popular item here at Stand Up Guys! Sleeper, 2 seater, 3 seater, love seat, sectional…you name it, we take it. Now usually with sofa removals people do not get rid of nice sofas, they are usually covered in pet hair and have rips all in them, but the occasional nice sofa is donated. If you like, we can mail you the donation receipt just to make sure what you wanted to get donated, did get donated. We stand by our name and our word!

1. Mattresses/Box Springs

man carrying a junk mattressDrum roll please… Coming in at number one on our list is none other than the highly disputed, awkwardly shaped, never easy to handle mattresses and box springs! I wish we had the total amount of mattresses and box springs we have removed since Stand Up Guys was formed. It would probably cover the whole field at Turner Field. These can be difficult to dispose of properly because most places do not take them. The only way these can be donated is if they are still in the original wrapper. A select few thrift stores will take them, but they are few and far between. But, you have nothing to worry about with this because we will take care of every aspect in the disposal process. No. More. Worrying!

Honorable Mentions

I would like to mention a few items that fell JUST shy of making our Top 10. Even though they didn’t fall on the list, these are still some popular removals: Exercise Machines, Grills, Bed Frames, Cloths, Ab Rollers (Don’t ask me why, but we get rid of a ton of them!) & Dog Houses.

Well, that is our list. Let Stand Up Guys be your one stop shop for all your junk removal needs. You can be sure your items will be donated or recycled properly. And if you do need your receipt from where we donate, we will mail it to you the following week! Hope you enjoyed the list and now have an idea of what our services can do for you…and don’t worry, if you have items that you want removed but were not on the list, just remember…WE TAKE EVERYTHING!!

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  • cleangreenhauling  April 4, 2013 at 3:59 pm

    It is funny to see what people are throwing away in different parts of the country. Your top 4 are pretty close here in San Diego for junk removal. the rest are really a mix for us. Dirt, concrete, old Televisions, and water heaters are big.
    I will keep following your blog!

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