Stand Up Guys Top 10 – New Years Resolutions

It’s finally come! The list everybody has been begging for. Wait no more, for the top 10 New Year’s Resolutions is here. Im sure most of you out there have some type of resolution set in mind, but did you know only 45% of Americans set a New Year’s resolution…and only 8% achieve it! I know, crazy. Well that was your fun fact, now let’s get to the list.

10. Stop Texting and Driving

I’m sure this is somewhat new to anyone’s list based on the fact that only teenagers used to text. But, now that everyone and their mother is texting, literally. This has to make the list. Not to mention in 2011, 23% of auto accidents involved a cell phone.

They say the least amount of time your attention is taken away is 5 seconds. Needless to say, a lot happens in that 5 seconds. That’s why this started off our list, not because it’s not important, but because it is a relatively new problem.

9. Volunteering

This is the most non-selfish resolution that will be on our list. Whether it’s volunteering at a dog rescue, Habitat for Humanity, or at your local park, there are plenty of organizations that would love your help. Helping others just puts that self-satisfing feeling back in your life.

It makes you feel like you are actually doing something. The great thing about it is, you can work around your own schedule so you can still get the things you need to get done, done! And if you can’t find time, try just donating old furniture or clothes.

8. Enjoy Life More

It’s time to finally do the things that you’ve always wanted to. Travel to a different country, or any part of the world you’ve always wanted to visit. Go skydiving. Climb a mountain. Go bowling.

Whatever your fantasy is, go do it, just stop worrying so much. This is sometimes people’s number 1 just because it gives them a reason to take off work or have a reason to take a vacation. Either way, this should be on everybody’s list!

7. Save More

People work their tails off everyday and have nothing to show for it. Either they are living paycheck to paycheck or just do not know the concept of money. Take a little bit out of each paycheck and put it away to where you cannot see it. Saving money leads to less stress and more financial security and responsibility.

This will be the gift that keeps on giving. You have a sudden car problem and it’s $400 to fix? It’s ok, just taking it out of your savings. This allows you to live with insurance for expected and unexpected events. That’s why this has landed on our list at lucky number 7.

6. Fall in Love

To fall in love doesn’t mean you have to settle down. People want to find the one and only someone so bad that they sometimes settle for less, this year this isn’t for you. Some just want that feeling of commitment in their lives cause they are scared of being alone forever.

Well, that’s not what I’m talking about. This┬ájust means you dedicate more time to being social…and maybe going to online dating services. Giving yourself more opportunities is all you can ask for…after all, you don’t find love, love finds you.

5. Get Organized

With getting organized, you can always start small. Some people start by just organizing their desk so they can find files when needed. Others will organize their whole house, and they start by removing all the junk. Either one will lead to a more organized life. If you want to get organized but don’t know how, hire a professional organizer to help you out.

They can also put you on a routine to help you STAY organized as well. Some people do not think this is worth doing, but some do. This is not a bad resolution by any means, thats why it is slapped right in the middle of our list and #5.

4. Quit Smoking

If you’re a smoker, this is your number 1 every year. See how we said ‘every’ year. This is an addiction. Although they are harder to break, they still can be broken. This is one of the reasons only 8% of people who do resolutions, actually go through with them.

You have to want to quit, this is not something you can put at no. 1 and let it happen. Some people can’t do it cold turkey. Nicorette, the patch, and electronic cigarettes all can help you. YOU just have to have the motivation and drive!

3. Get Fit/Lose Weight

People think this should be number one because you actually see people doing it. Don’t get confused, most of these resolutions are done in your personal life without people actually ‘seeing’ you do it. Everybody wants to get healthier and lose weight, especially after the holidays. Getting fit makes you feel and look better.

Exercising prevents diseases, reduces blood pressure, etc. Regular gym rats hate this time of the year because all the gyms are flooded with New Year’s resolutioners. Forget about going when you get off work. Waking up early or getting home late is your only option because every machine will be taken up. This usually lasts for about a month, and the 92% of people who don’t stick with NY resolutions, vanish!

2. Spend More Time with Family/Friends

Being around immediate family is a must if you do not already see them a lot. Just once a week plan a lunch or dinner to catch up and talk. Same with friends. Meet up to have a drink or coffee and stay connected with one another. Over half the country every year vows to see their family more, this is why it lands all the way at no. 2 on our list.

Don’t be that person who says that they want to spend more time with family and friends, but them winds up putting them on the back burner when other things come up in your life. Make time, it’s always worth it for the people in your life that matter the most.

1. Stop Procrastinating

Everybody once in their life has procrastinated with something. Studying for a test, putting together a presentation or even trying to spend time with family (see what I did there). People do it without even realizing they are doing it because they do it so frequently. Waking up on time and being late are in this category too.

A few tips can be to work with a buddy, stop over contemplating things and maybe get in touch with someone who has already done your goal. If you have a paper or presentation due, break it down into steps and set up break times. Stop waiting for the perfect time to do things, there is no perfect time…JUST DO IT. This is numero uno on our list because everyone has experienced it, some more than others, but nothing good comes from procrastination…so get off your computer and get to work!

Well that’s it folks. Some of your resolutions may be on the list, some not. Maybe one of these has inspired you to do something, either way, have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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