This spring, you vowed to get it together and finally clean up your home from top to bottom. Now that summer is in full swing, is it possible that you have been so involved with work and social activities that you haven’t gotten to it yet? No worries—there is still time to clean up your act. Look at these 10 reasons to hire a junk removal company in Atlanta for some inspiration:

1. Save time
Don’t let lack of time prevent you from getting organized. Your junk removal company should be a “one-stop-shop” from online scheduling, to a quick (and free) estimate and fast, efficient junk removal. Before you know it you’ll be organized in no time. Check out our website to learn more!

2. Save Money
Hiring a fair and honest company will save you money—your junk removal price should be based on the total volume of what is removed, not how long it takes to remove it. You may think that you’ll save money if you do it yourself; but once you add the cost of your manpower, plus the resources and gas used, you’ll find that it’s often much more cost-efficient to hire a professional.

3. Save Your Energy
Whether you have your own pickup truck or you plan on borrowing your buddy’s, it’s probably going to cost more “man hours” than you realize. Hiring a professional company will not only save energy, but also strain to your back from excessive heavy lifting.

4. Donate your things
When you hire a professional, you can receive help donating good and useable items as well as trashing what you don’t need. A good junk removal company will be able to organize and deliver items that you wish to donate to local donation centers and charitable organizations. You will be more organized while helping those in need—what a great combination!

5. Declutter your home
Once you declutter your home, you’ll be more organized and have the ability to find needed items more quickly. Your home will look better, too.

6. Reduce Stress
According to an old saying, when you declutter your home, you declutter your mind. It’s true! Once you organize, remove junk and declutter your space, there’s no better feeling in the world when you step back, take a deep breath, and look at all of the progress you’ve made.

7. Make your move-in simpler
Moving to a new home? Wouldn’t it be much easier if you only take what you REALLY want to keep instead of moving boxes and boxes of stuff that you KNOW you don’t plan on keeping?

8. Make your move-out easier
When it’s time to pack, you’ll be able to focus only on actual packing instead of sorting through useless clutter to get to what you really need to pack.

9. Lower stress during your remodeling projects
Whether it’s painting or converting your attic to a spare bedroom, you can focus on the home improvement instead of stressing out over moving a bunch of clutter to get to the workspace.

10. Make yard work more beneficial
Do you have an old, unused shed or other junk in your backyard? Remove all of it and have an easier time navigating your lawn mower, not to mention having a more attractive yard.

Junk Removal in Atlanta
Don’t put it off any longer—give Stand Up Guys Junk Removal a call at (770) 369-0305 or drop us a line at, and you’ll be well on your way to removing your clutter and organizing your life.

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