Clients, customers, patrons; you may think they are all the same.  For some businesses they are.  Simply put, no matter what you call them, they are the people who pay money for your goods or services and keep your business afloat and profitable.  However, when you do business with the Stand Up Guys, you are their client.  You are not a customer, a patron, or just someone that owes us money for a service; rather, you are a valued part of our business.

Junk Removal Services:  Customers vs. Clients

You are probably asking yourself what the difference is between a client and anything else.  Customers frequent grocery stores.  For instance, they go into the store, select the items that they want, pay the sticker price, and the transaction is done.  In some circumstances, you may have a membership at the store or a frequent buyer or a club card.  This allows you to take advantage of discounts or specials. Sometimes you even pay a premium price for access to these types of discounts.  You are on the company’s terms as a customer.

In comparison, clients are the top priority and main focus for a business like the Stand Up Guys.  Businesses with clients realize that their clients choose them for a personalized experience.  There is a level of trust and mutual understanding between the two parties.  When the business or company follows through on what they say they are going to do, the client reciprocates with future business or referrals.  Clients are also allowed and welcomed to give constructive feedback, allowing the company to further understand the client’s needs. 

Junk Removal by The Stand Up Guys

At Stand Up Guys junk removal, our team focuses on what we do best: junk removal and junk removal services in Atlanta. We understand that having our collective hands in too many pots could stretch us too, resulting in unsatisfied clients, which is not acceptable. We will always do our best to understand the service that you need, and provide it for you in a timely fashion with smiles on our faces.  

You can rest assured that we will never try to cheat any of our valued clients out of money with sneaky tactics or “fine print”. That’s what being a Stand Up Guy is all about: doing the best work for you and your family at a fair price, so that you have an experience that you are pleased with, each and every time you call us!

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