Tyler Grant – Manager, Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Raleigh

Tyler, aka The Boss is a Stand Up Guy through and through. “I live my life by three principles; faith, family, & hard work. That’s exactly what we run on at Stand Up Guys. I strive to better myself day in & day out & in return help the company.”

Tyler has been working hard and earning his way with The Stand Up Guys since back in 2015. He’s done every job there is to do with the company, and through that has proven himself as an invaluable asset. This is just one of the reasons that Tyler has moved up through the ranks so quickly and is already the Branch Manager of Stand Up Guys 3rd expansion, in Raleigh, NC. Tyler and his crew ARE Junk Removal in Raleigh.

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Tyler is known for a lot of things around here at Stand Up Guys, but the biggest claim to fame he has at Stand Up Guys is his outstanding customer service. Over the years Tyler has racked up more positive customer reviews than almost anyone else. It’s almost a daily occurrence that someone calls up to the SUG office just to rave about Tyler and the hard work he put in for someone. This is an attribute that you can’t teach in someone, it’s just something they are born with.

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