Blue Jacket Park

If you’re looking for a place to run or walk, Blue Jacket Park is an excellent option. The park has a 0.5-mile path and is popular with sports teams. It was formerly the Orlando Naval Training Center. You can enjoy a run or a brisk stroll, and you won’t want to miss the baseball and softball fields. A great post ahead.

Blue Jacket Park is a 0.5 mile route

Located near Orlando, Florida, USA, Blue Jacket Park is a 0.5-mile route with 1,000 steps. It has no elevation gain and is rated as easy. The route starts at 2501 General Rees Avenue and ends at Lake Baldwin. You can park at either location and take the free shuttle to the other.

This scenic 0.5-mile route is also a popular spot for cyclists and runners. On weekends, local running groups and cyclists set up hydration stations along the route. The flat course is shaded by trees and the scenic Intracoastal waterway.

Orlando was originally known as Jernigan. The name comes from the first European settlers in the area, Aaron and Issac Jernigan. They emigrated from Georgia in 1843 and bought land 2 miles west of Fort Gatlin. In 1845, Aaron was elected Orange County’s first state representative and petitioned for more military protection.

It is a popular site for baseball, soccer and softball

Blue Jacket Park Orlando FL is a 75-acre park that is popular for baseball, soccer, and softball games. It also hosts community 5Ks and is a great location for family-friendly picnics and birthday parties. It is also a great place for weddings and other large events.

The park is home to a large and impressive memorial wall that tells the history of the Navy in Orlando. It includes a statue of a female Blue Jacket Recruit and a Lone Sailor. The wall is located at the south end of Blue Jacket Park near the baseball fields. Learn More about Maitland here.

It was formerly the Orlando Naval Training Center

The Naval Training Center Orlando, also known as Blue Jacket Park, is located in Orlando, Florida. Located on the grounds of a former Army Air Corps base, this center was opened in 1968 to provide naval recruits with training. From its opening, the center employed military officers, non-commissioned officers, and civilians. The facility provided the area with revenue and brought jobs to the landlocked Orange County.

Today, Blue Jacket Park honors the men and women of the Sea Service and the presence of the Navy in Central Florida. The site of the former Navy Recruit Training Center is home to the Lone Sailor Memorial, which honors the more than six hundred thousand recruits who passed through the school. The memorial is one of 14 in the nation and the only one on an actual Navy base. 

It is a great place for a run or a stroll

Blue Jacket Park is a 75-acre park with a scenic setting. You can enjoy a run, walk, or bike ride along the beautiful paths. The park also has grills and pavilions. It’s located less than 10 minutes away from East End Market.

If you like to run or walk, this Orlando, FL park will be a great place for you. You’ll find plenty of room to run, walk, or bike, and it’s even a popular place to have outdoor events. You can even catch a game of baseball or soccer at one of the baseball fields.

It has a plaque dedicated to U.S. Navy personnel

Located in Baldwin Park, Blue Jacket Park in Orlando FL has a plaque dedicated to U S Navy personnel. The site was a former Navy base and Recruit Training Center. In addition to the plaque, Blue Jacket Park also features a statue of the Lone Sailor. The bronze statue depicts a sailor looking into his coat pocket, gazing into the distance.

The Central Florida Council of the Navy League worked for eight years to create the memorial. This included developing the complex design, communicating with city officials and organizing a competitive construction project. The council raised over $450,000 from private and public sources and another $100,000 through a yearly charity run. The memorial will serve to honor the men and women who serve our country. Next article.



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