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#1 Commercial Dumpster Rental Service – The Junk Bucket

If you own or work in an office that is doing some new renovations and you need somewhere to dispose of all the debris? Or maybe your place needs to get rid of some old junk or debris that’s been stacking up for quite some time, either way we have the perfect solution for you. The Junk Bucket.

The Junk Bucket is a perfect way for you to get rid of all your junk & debris from commercial buildings. The Junk Bucket is environmentally safe and affordable for our commercial clients. Not to mention that they look great too! That means you can have it outside of your place of business and not have to worry about it being an eye sore to your clients. If anything, The Junk Bucket will catch the eyes of your clients and customers, letting them know that you don’t mess with anything that’s not the best.

We offer our incredible Junk Bucket for commercial dumpster rentals all over! This includes but not limited to Metro Atlanta, GeorgiaTampa Bay, FloridaRaleigh-Durham, North Carolina and Metro Nashville, Tennessee.

Uses For Commercial Dumpster Rentals

Junk Bucket Dumpster Rental For Contractors

If you are a general contractor or own a remodeling company then you know what it’s like to run into a junk problem. That, or you just plain know what it’s like to have massive amounts of junk and construction debris that need to be disposed of off your job sites. Most likely you have rented a dumpster in the past, and most likely it was a hassle for you, or your customers. The problem is, you NEED a dumpster for remodeling junk, just not one that gives you a hassle.

Dumpster companies are usually run by large, out of state businesses. This means they have millions of clients to deal with, so your issue is a small blip on the radar for them. Also, they don’t offer exact drop off or pick up times. If you are doing a job for a customer, that customer would like to know when and where a large ugly dumpster will be dropped on their property and when it’ll be removed. Not having exact answers for them can make you look bad. Nobody wants that.

Well you don’t have to worry about any of those problems with The Junk Bucket. The Junk Bucket will be delivered and picked up when you request it, not when we decide we feel like it. Our customers and their needs come first. The Junk Bucket is not only driveway friendly, with rubber wheels, but it is leaner and sleeker than most dumpsters. This means it can fit into places that other dumpsters cant. Oh and one more thing. The Junk Buckets look incredible too, so having a beautifully awesome dumpster outside of a customers home wont upset them at all.