How to Choose the Right 10 Yard Dumpster Rental Near Me 

Determining which 10 yard dumpster rental near me is best for your project can be tricky. You’ll need to consider the size of the job, the type of debris you’ll be disposing of and your proximity to the landfill or transfer station. Once you’ve determined which rental is best for you, follow these tips to make sure your rental experience goes smoothly.

  • Size of the project: A 10 yard dumpster is typically best for smaller projects, such as a kitchen or bathroom remodel, or cleaning out a garage or shed. If you’re disposing of large items, such as appliances or furniture, you may need a larger dumpster.
  • Type of debris: Some types of debris, such as concrete or dirt, are heavy and will require a larger dumpster. If you’re disposing of light materials, such as household junk or clothing, a smaller dumpster should suffice.
  • Proximity to landfill or transfer station: The closer you are to a landfill or transfer station, the cheaper your dumpster rental will be. This is because it will cost less to transport the dumpster to your location. If you’re further away, you may have to pay a bit more.
Dumpster Rental Services

Dumpster Rental Services

Once you’ve considered these factors, follow these tips for a smooth rental experience:

  1. Make sure you have enough space for the dumpster: A 10 yard dumpster is approximately 12 feet long, 8 feet wide and 4 feet tall. You’ll need to make sure you have enough space on your property to accommodate this size dumpster. If you’re not sure, measure the area where you plan to put the dumpster and call the rental company to confirm.
  2. Order the right size dumpster: As mentioned above, a 10 yard dumpster is best for smaller projects. If you order a dumpster that’s too large, you’ll end up paying for space you don’t use. Conversely, if you order a dumpster that’s too small, you may not be able to fit all of your debris in it.
  3. Call ahead: Be sure to call the dumpster rental company ahead of time to reserve your dumpster. This will ensure that they have one available when you need it.
  4. Follow the rental company’s instructions: When you pick up your dumpster, the rental company will give you specific instructions on how to use it. Be sure to follow these instructions to avoid damage to the dumpster or your property.
  5. Don’t overfill the dumpster: When you’re filling up the dumpster, be sure to leave some space at the top. This will give the rental company room to safely transport the dumpster without damaging your property.
  6. Return the dumpster on time: Be sure to return the dumpster to the rental company on time. If you’re late, you may be charged a fee.
  7. Clean up your mess: When you’re finished with your project, be sure to clean up any debris that may be left behind. This will avoid any extra charges from the rental company.

By following these tips, you can be sure that your 10 yard dumpster rental service and experience will go smoothly. For more information on choosing the right size dumpster for your project, contact a local dumpster rental company. 

10 Yard Dumpster Rental

10 Yard Dumpster Rental

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