Whether you just realized you have more stuff than you need or you are moving to a new location, it’s important to get rid of unwanted items. It is tough to get a trash collection service that will be ready to haul away all you want to dispose. This is why you should consider looking for the best Marietta junk removal services. Below are some of the most unwanted items that we hear about from our customers.


At some point, it dawns on us that we need to replace that old couch. Given that they are bulky and heavy, this can make it difficult to place on the curb for a trash collection service.


When you have an old, broken down refrigerator, placing it on a curb for trash collectors to pick it up is rarely an option. You need to hire the right professionals for the job.


You want to get rid of that old mattress when moving or after you’ve purchased a new one. It’s common for people to just stash them in the garage until they are removed.

Broken Televisions

You have a big screen TV that suddenly stops working. There‚Äôs a good chance it won’t fit in your car to haul it away. A reputable junk removal team can come to your rescue.

Old Carpeting

There are many reasons why you may end up removing your old carpet and replacing it. How to get rid of old carpet is a dilemma many understand.

Bathroom Fixtures

When you remodel your bathroom or replace a couple of items, you need to get rid of the old fixtures. Sinks, bathtubs and toilets are heavy and bulky. You can use a professional junk removal service to take them to a recycling center.

Office Equipment

Updating office equipment to keep up with the latest technology often leads to piles of obsolete machinery. Most jurisdictions don’t allow such equipment to go to landfills because they contaminate the soil and underground water.

Yard Waste

After trimming bushes and cutting away long branches in the spring and summer, most of the debris is likely to end up at the end of your driveway.

For junk removal services in Marietta, GA feel free to contact us, Stand Up Guys. We are always ready to offer the best services to suit your specific needs

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