The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Atlanta Team was at it again today, this is what we came across at our second stop of the day. This was residential customers house in Atlanta, near Inman Park. Her walkway to her homes basement side entrance and back patio was completely bombarded with junk and debris. There was absolutely no way of getting into her basement from the outside. So she made the right decision and called in the experts, yep, thats us all right. The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Team came in and devoured the junk and clutter with a swift and clean removal of all the trash piled up on the side of the house. We always do our best to make everything we clean look spotless when we are done, and this walkway was pretty much that. It’s always fun to see how the final job looks once we remove everything in our path, in this case the path to the back patio.

A lot of times this inspires people to continue in the junk removal process and move on to cleaning out their basements, spare rooms, and surrounding areas in and outside the house. Once they see how good the newly cleaned areas look and make them feel, they just can help but clean up the other areas in need. This provides a genuine stress free feeling which impacts their everyday lives with one less thing to worry about, in which they can actually enjoy their homes, especially in the summer time. Like they say, a clutter free home is the first step to a clutter free mind.

Who knows, these residents may feel inspired to add an outdoor environment. They could simply lay some stone work down for foundation and top with a patio table and grill. It all starts with cleaning away all the junk, so you can see what your left with and rebuild


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