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Busby Junk Removal after spending four years servicing the Seattle area with junk removal has recently changed office locations and has moved to Bellevue.  They seem to be growing at extreme rates, and are looking to take over the entire Seattle area real soon. At this rate, they will push out all the other junk removal companies around town that aren’t worthy.

About Busby

In 2005 Busby Junk Removal began operation from the Issaquah Plateau in Western Washington. Busby is a locally owned and operated company from the Northwest. Recently Busby moved headquarters to Bellevue in an effort to be closer to the majority of their customers. A vast majority of business comes from the Seattle area, it is a wonderfully beautiful city, with even greater people. Busby is here to serve all of them with the great customer service, and prices they deserve with their junk removal.

What Busby Can Do for You

Busby will pick up junk from anywhere on anyone’s property, haul the material, and recycle or dispose of your unwanted goods in a responsible manner. They are capable of many different removal projects with a main focus on junk pick up, disposal and recycling.

Environmental Responsibility

Busby junk removal cares about the carbon foot print that we leave behind. They do whatever they can to recycle and reuse the junk that they pick up. In an effort to be “eco-friendly” we also use Biodiesel. The environment is important to them, along with their community, and those are the two things that come first above all else.

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